DAY #13 ….Water, Water, Everywhere!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”
Kahlil Gibran



DAY #12 ….a favorite childhood  toy.

My favorite was a Tiny Tears doll.

I can recall watching my friend sitting on a glider each day while she used a little comb to comb her Tiny Tears doll’s hair, curl by curl.

I had asked for a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas and I received my wish after much pleading.  However, I did not know they not only came with curly hair,  but some had painted hair.

Much to my disappointment, I received the kind with painted hair.  My only consolation was the doll had beautiful blue eyes which blinked, drank a bottle and wet.

Now, sixty-five years later, I still have my Tiny Tears doll.  She has aged. The pipe to her mouth has come unglued so she can no longer drink a bottle and wet, and her eyes still blink, however, they are no longer a beautiful blue.

Her other ailment is her arms and legs that have dried out and cracked.  She is also missing a forefinger.

I played nurse and put tape on her arms and legs, then dressed her in a new outfit.

doll 2                                doll                       Tiny Tears doll



DAY # 9 ….What ‘s your favorite movie?

THE SOUND OF MUSIC…is one of my all time favorite musical drama’s.

Pictures are courtesy of Pixabay.

stick-309861__180                  music-1131855__180

It is so heartwarming and I like movies that are based on a real life story.

The music is outstanding and the people playing the parts were well suited for them.  The scenery of Salzbarz is fantastic.

I love this movie so mush, I’ve watched it numerous times over the years.

Favorite animated movie….THE LION KING

Sketched by me 08-2016

                               Tlhe Lion King

A great movie with family drama.

It’s emotional and funny, and I loved the songs. They were very inspiring.

The landscapes are quite remarkable as well.

It is a wonderful animation and a great movie for all ages.





The 30 Day Art Challenge

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

Day #7 ….What is your superpower?



My superpower is organization.  When things in my life are organized I feel like I have more space and control.

Bad habits are hard to break and it takes the desire and determination to break a bad one.  stick-309861__180

It takes a week to start a habit….so Let It Be A Good One!

Make any necessary changes that will benefit your schedule and make things easier to accomplish.

These are some of the things I do:

Use a calendar ( I put it on my phone as well) with big blocks of space to write down my scheduled appointments, events, and special days.  Each night check to see if there is something scheduled for the next day. calendar-159098__180

Don’t depend on my memory to keep track of everything.  Make a list of things I want to take care of and if it is a long list,  do a little at a time.


Try not to procrastinate.  Take care of the task I like the least and do it first.

Try to keep my priorities in order and do not delay in making decisions.

Use labels on containers and files. Make a list of items in each container and put it in a file to refer to. box-41657__180  cabinet-1293245__180

If there are items I have not used for a long time and probably won’t use, I will get rid of it.  I have no problem letting go of things.packing-40916__180

Women tend to have a lot of shoes and I’m no exception.  I keep my shoes in shoe boxes, except the ones I wear most of the time.  I take a photo of the shoes and tape it on the box. Then, I know what color, style and heel the shoe has. stock-vector-set-with-different-types-of-women-s-woman-s-shoes-ballets-sneakers-boots-flats-collection-380881363

I have art supplies in certain drawers or containers.  When I use them and finish my project, I put them back before starting another project.

When we retired and downsized, I had to really get organized because space is limited where we live and everything has it’s place.

I’ve spent a great deal of time deciding what works best in our kitchen.  kitchen-948363__180I have rearranged things many  times in an effort to make it more efficient to prepare meals and put things away.

I love to have things organized  so I won’t have to go on a hunting expedition to find what I’m looking for, and that makes me happy! advert-84406__180

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Day # 6   ….. What do you miss?

When a gas station attendant pumped the gasoline for your vehicle, cleaned the windshield, checked the oil level, and the air in the tires.

When a fast food restaurant was fast!

When grocery stores used paper bags to pack your groceries.

When there were radio programs you could listen to and use your imagination of what the people looked like and the places they were at.

Different phases of life when our children were growing up.

The ones in our family and friends that have passed away.

People not always blaming everything on race.

People not burning our countries flag.

Not having someone trying to have God taken out and off of everything.

Being able to express ourselves without being accused of not being politically correct.

Not having the threat of Nuclear weapons being used again.

Not wondering if one day a terrorist will strike in the public place we are at.

Short check-in lines at the airports.

Not having to take off my shoes and walk through a scanner.

Not being able to take food and drinks on the plane.

Not having to carry just trial size containers in my suitcases.

Not having to be careful about everything I say, so the airport officials won’t have cause to suspect me of being a terrorists.

The days when people visited and talked to each other more, and less time spent using their lap-top, I-pad, and I-phones.

When health insurance was less expensive, less complicated and you could decide what type of policy you wanted to buy.

The things listed above is just a sample things I miss.




Day # 4  ….Purple


rose-1023302__180 a color of elegance and grandeur

One of the innovations developed by man. They stand for enchantment and the giver having fallen in love at first sight. 

car-309714__180 have popped up periodically in auto markets

General Motor’s Chevrolet, among others, revived purple for some of its smallest cars several years ago. 

pointing-24478__180 get noticed in a crowd

Available in ..Twill Jacket, Fleece Jacket, Hooded Reversible Packable Puffer Jacket, Hooded Vest, Windbreaker Jacket, and Hooded Rain Jacket.

sunset-67900__180  depends on the way the sun enters our atmosphere

One place to see such a sunset is at Lake Mead National Recreation area located in the Basin and Range provinces of the American Southwest. It is more georgeous at sunset as the deep purple lake and pink skies set off against black hills.


 by: Jessie Cross

To you, I give a purple rose,

My true love, at first sight. 

When I saw you I fell in love, 

You smiled because you knew. 

Dreams do come true, 

Because I met you. 

You are the stars in my sky, 

The sunshine in my eyes. 

You may hold my hand for a while, 

But you hold my heart forever. 

Like the moon and the stars, 

May our hearts never part. 

cupcake-312345__180  purple cupcake decorating

black-1479051__180   HAVE FUN!


butterfly-154673__180     aubretia-1371599__180    butterfly-154673__180

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Day # 3    ………….writing      What are you looking at right now?

Photo..courtesy of Pixaby


Weekend Away

“What are you looking at right now?”  Nolan asked.

“I thought I saw something over there!”  Rosalena whispered.

“It’s just your imagination. No one’s around here.  I’ll get some firewood before it gets too dark,” he remarked.

Rosalena was looking forward to a quiet weekend with just her and Nolan.  They really needed a weekend away from the hussle and bussle of city life.

She began wondering what was taking Nolan so long and anxious to start preparing their first meal under the stars and in fresh air.

Nolan insisted they spend their first hour fishing so they could have them for dinner. She had never cooked fish over an open fire before.

She heard some noise coming from the area where Nolan was gathering the firewood and thought he was on his way back to their camp.

Several minutes later, he still had not returned and she was getting worried.  She called out to him, but did not get an answer.

Just as she started to go look for him, a strange man emerged from the wooded area carrying Nolan over his shoulder. She gasped at the sight of it and thought he was dead!

The strange man was very tall and muscular.  He went straight to the tent without saying a word and placed Nolan on a cot.

Rosaleana immediately rushed over to Nolan, but the man pushed her away and told her to leave him alone.  Then, he ordered her to sit outside while he took charge of cooking the fish.

She tried to run for help while the man was busy cooking, but he caught her and tied her to a chair.

When the fish were cooked he proceeded to eat them while she stared in horror.  He ate so fast and barely chewed before swallowing.

She heard dogs barking and it sounded like they were coming in the direction of the camp.

The man looked at her and said “those are my dogs and they will be here soon.”

Minutes later, three dogs came rushing towards the camp followed by several forest rangers.

The rangers immediately surrounded the man and handcuffed him. He did  not resist.

She learned that he had escaped from a nursing home and it was the second time he had done that.

Nolan suffered from a concussion after being hit on the head.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved







August…Day #1          Who Are You?

925d035b93cc17442c5c69ada5fe37b9  Jessie

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Sister-In-Law, Aunt, Cousin,Friend

I’m a person with many passions. Here is a snapshot of some of mine…..

WRITING  (I write …mostly fictional stories)

Writing Pen

ART   (sketching, painting, crafts..big & small)

IMG_0637                       IMG_0652

Reflection painting                         Large bottle red

Gazebo..built 1986 by Jessie gazebo              Joker game board  joker board

HORSEBACK RIDING Favorite HorsesRibbons Won

MUSIC   …favorites     Caffee Concerto Ensemble by: Jules Massenet, Canon in D Major by: Mainz Chamber Orchestra, Guntor Kehr and Johln Pachelbel,  Alibis by Tracy Lawrence,  Reason’s For The Tears I Cry  by: Vince Gill  The Prayer  By: Carole Bayer and Andrea Bocelli

MOVIES…favorites    Sound Of Music, Pretty Woman, Flash Dance, Ghost, Grease, Gone With The Wind, Ben Hur, The Lion King


I believe you can have fun at any age!

Halloween                                     Easter

Halloween Fun 2014  Easter Fun 2015

4th of July Fun 2015   4th  of July, 2015

BOOKS….Pride And Prejudice by: Elizabeth Bennett, Atlas Shrugged by: Ian Ryan, Oliver Twist by: Charles Dickens, The Diary Of A Young Girl by Ann Frank, The Thorn Birds by: Colleen McCullough

TRAVEL   …..Hawaii  In Hawaii 2014Lava in Hawaii..2014                    2014-11-27 20.38.48


2014-11-25 21.34.182014-11-25 15.54.31

2014-11-24 17.18.572014-11-24 14.37.22

2014-12-02 10.42.42

DANCING  ….Line Dancing,  (a choregraphted dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in rows executing the steps at the same time.   Cha-Cha-Cha, (rhythmic dance with slow and energetic movements) Dancing to music of the top 40 from 1952 to present day.

What I believe:

You can learn warmth from peoples coldness, love from aloofness, honesty from lies, trust from mistrust, compassion for those who hurt you, personal responsibility from those always blaming others.

You will find strength and character on your journey of life.  You must work at these to get to where you want to be.

If something in your life needs fixing…fix it!  If you can’t or choose not to, then let it go and move on.