Period Of Adjustment

“Donna, I know it is a big city, but I’ll adjust.  I have a terrific view from my apartment and I feel safe here. I haven’t felt safe in a long time,” Page said sadly.

“My mental scars are far worse than the physical ones. I’m very happy now.”

“At least you know Trent is in jail, ” Donna reminded her.

“Hello Mr. Jordan, how are you today?” Page cheerfully asked.

“I’m excited about going on vacation!” he said smiling.

“Well, I hope you have a wonderful time.”

Page locked her door and proceeded to the garage parking lot and as she entered the garage someone grabbed her and forced her into a dark corner.

She tried to fight back, but was unable to do anything but scream. The person was beating her with a club and she fell to the pavement. Then, she saw the shoes.  Shoes that belonged to Trent!  She wondered how he managed to escape from jail.

She tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her hair and pulled her back in the corner .  She began to drift off into unconsciousness when she heard the gun being fired.

Page lay in a pool of blood, Trent’s blood.

Mr. Jordan had come to her rescue when he heard her screaming. He shot Trent in the head just as he was about to hit Page with the club again.

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Replenished Bird Feeder

“Tiffany, I see you filled the bird feeder again.”  Alex remarked.

“No, I thought you filled it.  I haven’t filled it since we moved in this house.”

“Really!  Neither have I, but noticed it getting low on seeds and then it ‘s full.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Alex.  You and I are the only ones living here!”

“Alex, I spoke with our neighbor and she said the bird feeder always gets filled, but she doesn’t know who does it.”

“The woman that use to own this house put the bird feeder in the yard. She loved to watch the little birds everyday and said she would always make sure they had plenty to eat.”

“Tiffany, the real estate agent said the woman passed away two years ago and this house was vacant until we bought it last month!

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Starting Over

“Cory, I miss you so much!”  his sister, Janis cried.

“I miss you too, Janis!  I’m so sorry for putting everyone through this.”

“Shame on me for being such an idiot!  I knew better than to hang around Fred.  Now, I’m in this human cage!”

“Don’t keep beating yourself up, Cory. You made a mistake by helping Fred, and not questioning his actions.  Now, you are here serving your time for the crime, but it won’t be forever!”

“It seems like forever, but you’re right, I’ll be out soon and I can start my life over…in the right way!”

“Did you get the information I mailed to you?” Janis asked.

“Yes!  Thank you, and thanks so much for your understanding and support all these years.  I’ve read every book they have here, and the ones you have given me.”

“So, are you saying you are going to apply?”

“Absolutely!  I will fill out the forms and have them mailed this week.”

“Mom will be so happy!  She has always said you should go to college and become an engineer,” Janis beamed.

“Well, with the books I’ve read, at least I’m off to a good start.”

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“Sam!   I think I’ve located RB42A,” Josh screamed in the phone.

“Where?”  Sam questioned.

“It’s near the old water park.  Can you get here fast?”

“What’s the big rush, Josh, do you really think it’s going to just take off?”

“It did before!”

“Not without our help. Remember, we had to use a lot of elbow grease just to get it to budge an inch!”

“Sure, but it’s been gone for so long!”

“That was my error.  I failed to put in the guide wire.”

“Over there, Sam.”

“Hello RB42A!”  Sam muttered.

“You forgot my guide wire,” RB42A grumbled.

“I’m sorry, it just slipped my mind.”

“Yes, and now I need a complete paint job after traveling to dozens of towns.  Can’t you see I’m turning green?  And, it’s not green from envy, I can tell you that!”

“I’m going to retire you RB42A!  I believe you deserve it.  It looks like you have housed over one hundred fairies.”

“I believe that’s 1,000 fairies, Sam.”

“Oh!  You’re right.  I see another zero on your house number.”

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171 09 September 4th 2016


It was late in the day and the path along the canal was wet. I  saw a teenage girl running and there was a man chasing her. She almost slipped and fell, but he caught up with her, grabbed her hair and began pulling her back in the direction she came from.

She began to scream, but he covered her mouth with his hand, pulled out a handkerchief and stuffed it in her mouth.

I frantically dialed 911, and noticed the guy looking up at me. Then, he disappeared around the corner with the girl in tow.

The 911 operator asked me what the emergency was and I described what I had seen.

Minutes later the police arrived at my door to get more information. They said they would be back in touch with me and they left.

I packed a bag, grabbed my coat and quickly walked to the bus stop so I could go to a friend’s house for the night since the man had seen me in the window.

The next day I received a call from the police letting me know they had apprehended the man and the  girl was in the hospital.

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170 08 August 28th 2016


Alexander’s grandfather had asked for Alexander’s help in locating the family Coat Of Arms that was stolen days earlier.

Alexander questioned the caretakers of the property, but no one had any ideas of who might have stolen the Coat Of Arms.

Alexander was taking a walk on the property and came across a small shed not far from the main house.  As he got closer to it he heard someone singing, so he walked up to the door and politely knocked on it.

Much to his surprise, the door opened and his young niece stood staring at him with her beautiful questioning eyes.

“Why have you come here?” she asked.

“I was just walking by and wondered what this place was,” he said smiling.

“It’s my workshop,” she answered.

Alexander looked over to a small table and saw the family Coat Of Arms.

“Why do you have the family Coat Of Arms?” he questioned.

“It was so dusty and ugly, I wanted to make it pretty again!  But, please do not tell great-grandfather because I plan on giving it to him next week for his birthday,” she said proudly.

“Your secret is safe with me, and I’m sure he will be very pleased,” Alexander remarked as he left the shed chuckling.

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SUNDAY PHOTO FICTION   March  27, 2016

149 03 March 27th 2016


“Hi George, I see you finally have your red double decker bus,” Ralph said.


“I saw Will, Jr. on the top deck.”

“He’s been riding on my bus since he was six, and is still looking for his father to come home from the war.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s been in a rehab hospital since he came from Afganistan two years ago.”

“Wow! The kid doesn’t give up does he?”

“No, he has a lot of faith.”

“Mr. George, my dad isn’t back yet, but maybe he will be next week!” Will, Jr. said as he stepped off the bus.

The following week, Will Jr. told George how much he missed his dad and he was afraid he would be sent to an orphanage soon because his grandmother was getting frail and can’t keep taking care of him.

As usual, Will, Jr.’s father was not there, so George started to pull away, but Will, Jr. started jumping up and down shouting, “my dad’s home!”

Will, Jr. said, “I told you he would come home!”

His dad looked at Will, Jr. and said, “what do we always say Will?”

They spoke in unison…”Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!”

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SUNDAY PHOTO FINISH    …March 13, 2016


Photo: © Al Forbes 2014

Boat Trip

“Maggie, remember the boat trip we took to the little island?” Jennifer asked.

“Of course!  That was the day I came close to losing my life!”

“I wasn’t exactly totally safe myself!”

“I know.  We found out what it was like being stranded and totally terrified.  The rain was pouring down on us, the lightning was flashing all around us, the waves were huge and the boat’s motor cut off! “

“I remember that part really well!  I tried to keep the flashlight from falling off the boat and I ended up falling overboard, then you managed to pull me up and get me back in the boat,” Jennifer said.

“We only needed another twenty minutes and we would have made it home before the storm began,” Maggie remarked.

“Thank goodness that fishing boat was in the area and came to our rescue,” Jennifer said with relief.

“That’s for sure!  The worst part was when mom and dad met us at the boat with a combination of relief and the urge to kill both of us for taking that risky boat trip.”

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A Squirrel’s Communication

I drove around a curve and saw a truck that had flipped over. The driver was lying on the ground, and I could see that he was dead.

I heard a screeching noise and saw a small squirrel sitting on top of a fence.  It looked like it was screaming at me as it moved its head and body back and forth and it looked over to an area of bushes.  That really got my attention!

I quickly went to that area and saw a woman lying on the ground. I checked to see if she was breathing and she slowly opened her eyes, but said nothing.  She moved her hand in the direction of the truck.

I looked over and saw a small arm protruding from the window. There was a child still strapped in a car seat.  As I reached in to get him out, he began to cry.

After calling 911, the police, ambulance and fire trucks arrived. I looked for the squirrel and it was still sitting on the fence, but was very docile and just stared at what was happening.

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Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story.



The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. It doesn’t have to be centre stage in the story, I have seen some where the placement is so subtle, the writer states where it is.

143 02 February 14th 2016

Sunday Drive

“Joey! Look at those pigs over there,” Suzy said with excitement.

Joey looked over at her and said, “Suzy, those animals are not pigs. They are  rhinos.”

“Why are they called that?”

“I don’t know, but they are really ugly!”

Joey and Suzy’s mom spoke up and said, “all animals have their own look, just like humans do.”

Suzy laughed and pointed to Joey saying, “Joey is like a rhino.”

“I am not! I don’t look like a rhino.”

“No, you are right, you don’t look like a rhino, you look like a nut!”

“Stop it, Suzy!”

“Joey is a nut, he has a rubber butt, every time he turns around  he goes putt, putt! “

“Mom! Make her stop it.”

“That’s enough, I want both of you  silent for the next ten minutes.  I need  peace and quiet,” their mom remarked.

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Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved