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I turned the corner and saw a small child trembling from the chill in the air standing against the building.

She looked up at me with her wide blue eyes and an expression of helplessness that melted my heart.

She said nothing but slowly extended her hand toward me and I was given a piece of crumbled paper.

I took the paper from her small hand and smoothed it out so I could see what was on it.

It was part of a check with an address.

I called the police, gave them the information and waited with her until the police arrived.

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“Mom, it’s my turn to drive the car,” James complained.

“Yes it is, and since Thomas has his license he can go with you and you can act as his chauffeur, but you must come back in thirty minutes so I can go to my hair appointment.”

“Turn left at the next stop sign, left at the light, right at the fork of the road, and stop at the dark brown house.”  Thomas instructed.

“I need to talk to Emily for a few minutes, but I will be right back so keep the motor running.”

“Thomas, you have been gone for twenty minutes and now it’s time to go back home!” James screamed.

“Calm down James, remember you are my chauffeur, so I’m in charge today!” Thomas said with a cheeky grin.

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Forward, Child, Cry, Soldiers, War

A Call To Duty

“Honey, I am so grateful I’m home!”  Martin said with joy.

“This is the best Christmas I could ever ask for!”

“Being here with you and Jodie is the most precious gift I could ever receive.”

“It’s been rough not being here for you and Jodie all year and missing all the special moments.”

“The military is my family also, and I have served to defend and protect our country so we are able to share times like these.”

“Wake up Sargent Preston, we have to move forward to take the hill before daylight!” Lieutenant Crawford yelled.

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“We Don’t Know Them All, But We Owe Them All.”

“Heroes aren’t the ones wearing capes and masks, they’re the ones wearing dog tags.”

To those who serve!  I salute you and pray for you! Thanks for all you do!


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“Tammy, it’s time to go to the hospital because we need to have Jeffery there by six o’clock this morning,” Alexander said.

“Alexander, I’m so nervous and afraid I can hardly breathe, ” Tammy spoke in a shaky voice.

“I’m feeling that way myself and wondering if we are doing the right thing.”

“We have to try for Jeffery’s sake because he does have a chance to add a little more to his world if it works,” Tammy said with a promising look.

“It’s time to remove the bandage from Jeffery’s eyes now and remember, it may take several days to find out the total success of the operation, but if he can see light, it could be very good news!” Dr. Marcus cautioned.

Jeffery sat very still and tried to concentrate on his breathing and he began to scream with excitement when he saw light for the first time in his young life.

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Life Changer

Everyone knew the risks involved, but it was their job, their only livelihood.

Tucker and Drake entered the mine with their co-workers in anticipation of completing a section they were working on for several days.

They knew it would be a long day and a difficult one, but did not expect the tragic event that would change their life forever.

The explosion of one section caused a tremendous amount of dust and coal to tumble over the entire area.

Hours passed with silence and heartache for Tucker as he tried to crawl toward a small area where he felt a slight draft of air.

The rescue squad managed to pull Tucker and Drake from the rubble, but Tucker lost the sight in one eye, and Drake’s legs were severely damaged and only three other survived among the fifteen miners.

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“Alex, I need your help finding Maria!  Ethan cried.

“The fault has caused an earthquake, and our building has fallen!”

“I got here as fast as I could and I brought several friends that can help us search for Maria”

I’ve cleared this area , but I haven’t heard any sound,” Ethan said in despair.

“I think I hear something coming from this area,” Alex screamed.

“Come on, guys, help me move these boards and rocks, I think I see her!”

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“Marty, why are you banging on my door so hard?”  Alicia questioned.

“It’s my dad, he’s in big trouble because he was trimming our tree and a limb fell on him and now he is bleeding and can’t talk to me!”

Alicia called 911 as she ran toward the backyard.

Marty’s dad, Dillon, was still unconscious when the ambulance arrived and they hurriedly worked on him for several minutes trying to stop the bleeding.

Dillon had fallen on a stick and part of it was in his neck, so they stablelized him and rushed him to the hospital.

Dillon spent two weeks in the hospital and his voice box was permanently affected, however, he was still able to talk at a whisper.

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Jamie Is Missing

“Bryce, where is Jamie?” Joanne questioned.

“I don’t know, he was here a minute ago and I looked everywhere for him.”

“Bryce, he is only four years old and you were suppose to take care of him while I got my prescription filled,” she said frantically.

“Mom, you know how quick he can disappear and I asked everyone in here if they had seen him, but no one has!”

“Excuse me, Mrs. Fisher, Jamie was covered with cereal boxes, but he is not hurt.”

“He said he was just trying to fix the row of boxes that were crooked when they fell on him.”

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“Jake, I’m sorry you missed our birthday party, but everyone understood that you had to work because of your boss’s medical emergency and after all, we have celebrated our birthday together since our birth!” Drake said.

“That’s alright, because the guys at work pitched in and helped me set up the store for the Fall season  oak-386454__180 and now I won’t have to work tomorrow.”

“Why are we going in the cemetery, Drake?”

“I promised Darin I would look at the date on his grandmother’s grave stone since we are driving right by and he needs it for the ancestry project he is working on.”

“Oh rats, I didn’t know she is in this creepy mausoleum,  cemetery-1059330__180but I do have a flashlight I can use, even though it is a small one.”

Drake opened the mausoleum door, Jake went in, their friends stood there holding a cake birthday-1208233__180 and wearing mummy costumes,  mummy-309452__180then everyone started dancing around Jake as some creepy music played and they screamed Happy Birthday, Jake! background-1056641__180

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I wish everyone a great Halloween day!  pumpkin-187601__180

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Wildest Dream

“Suzanne, come see what I found, it’s beyond my wildest dreams!”  Sean exclaimed.

“Alright, what’s the big deal?”

“Here’s a fallen star and it was bright and sparkling before you got over here, but now it just looks like a star that goes on top of a Christmas tree, thanks to you being so slow to get over here! “

“Bingo,  it is a Christmas tree star, Sean!”

“Suzanne, you never believe anything I tell you!”

“Seriously Sean, you keep acting like I was born yesterday, but I’m here to remind you once again, that you are wrong!”

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