SIX SENTENCE STORIES        cue…mine


Suddenly, we heard a loud rumbling sound and there was complete darkness!

The silence I experienced after the rumble, shook me to the realization that we were in serious trouble.

I called out to Bob, Frank, Jose, and Ryan, but did not receive a response.

I scanned the area for any sign of light, but there was not even a flicker.

Any kind of movement was impossible for me, so I laid there praying and passed out from the pain in my back.

It took the rescuers over two hours to clear the area of the coal mine and rescue us.

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES         cue….pickle

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Deli, Dill, Fermented, Food, Gherkin


“Burbank, we received another case right after you left to go home, so I started working on it right away,” Joe said.

“It’s really ugly this time and so strange because two people were found in a large container filled with a foul-smelling liquid.”

“Let me take a look,” Burbank said.

“Oh no, not again!”

“What do you mean again?”  Joe asked.

“I think the Pickle man is active again because he always drowns his victims in pickle juice!”

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES       clue…slip

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The Jump

“I have my parachute on and will follow you down uncle Joe,” Alex said jokingly.

“You stand back and Emily will record my jump,”  Joe said.

The door opened, Alex moved a little closer, knocked against the tripod which caused him to slip and fall forward.

He fell against Alex, then fell out of the plane.

His first reaction was panic, but he remembered to pull the cord and his parachute opened.

He realized, with satisfaction, he was jumping for the first time and was hoping Emily was recording it!

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First Aid, Rescue, Victims, Savior

Looking For Answers

“Anna, what is wrong with you?” Blaze asked.

Anna’s face turned red , she gasped for breath and fell to the floor.

The ambulance arrived, but the EMT’s decided to have Anna air lifted to a specialized hospital. She had injured her head when she fell and her breathing problem continued.

She was taken to the operating room .

Blaze paced the waiting room and continuously looked at the clock.

Dr. Milane walked into the waiting room and told Blaze, Anna was recovering after they removed a small piece of peach seed from her throat, put a few stitches in her forehead and stabilized her neck for the strain she had suffered when she fell.

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES         Cue….chicken


Katie heard Josh and Damon laughing about playing the chicken game.

“Josh, are you ready for the big day tomorrow?” Damon asked.

“Yes, my car is in great shape and hard to destroy and I heard yours is also.”

Katie screamed at them for being so childish for planning another year of putting their life in danger.

They just laughed at her and told her they would see her at the track in the morning.

Katie was so upset she didn’t sleep all night and raced to the track the next morning only to find out the race would be with small electric cars, not their real cars!

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES        cue…entrance

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Memorable Event

Julie was nervous, excited, scared and yet, looking forward to the event.

She was now ready  to experience the greatest day of her life.

She had her dress purchased, food ordered, flowers and now stood by the door anxiously waiting for the cue to enter the room.

The  moment arrived and she was given the cue to make her grand entrance.

She proudly entered the room, stumbled on the carpet, lost one shoe, fell sideways, hit the table full of refreshments, fell face first into the punch bowl, and landed on the floor with a look of horror, a feeling of complete distress, and the wish to simply disappear!

Unfortunately, it was not the greatest day of her life, but she had hopes that it would be the worst!

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES         cue…will

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“Will you pass the test?”  Carla questioned.

“Of course I will!”  Bethany responded.

Bethany moved slowly toward the dark cave with shaking legs and perspiration dripping from her forehead as Carla followed  her into the cave.

After entering the cave Bethany heard Carla scream, turned around and found her lying on the ground with her legs dangling down inside a hole.

She quickly removed her neck scarf, gave one end to Carla, and braced herself holding to the other end while Carla painstakingly climbed out of the hole.

Minutes later they embraced with relief and Carla told Bethany she had definitely passed the bravery test!

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES        cue…return

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The Return

The anticipation of his return was almost more than I could bear.

It had been six long, agonizing years of fear, dread, and so many questions unanswered.

The day of his arrival had finally come and my heart was so full of joy and love, I thought I would pass out.

My thoughts were moving in different directions as I stood waiting for the plane to land.

Would he recognize me, still be in love with me, and dozens of other questions kept my mind spinning.

As he stepped out of the plane our eyes locked, our smiles  joined together, and all fear and uncertainty disappeared.

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“Wesley and Rob are fighting again,” David said.

“That’s nothing new, but I believe I have a solution to this particular kind of argument,” Carolyn remarked.

“Rob, Wesley, your mom wants to talk to you.”

“I know there is only one piece of cake, but you will just have to share it.”

“But, mom, Rob usually gets the biggest piece!”

“Not this time because one of you will cut the piece of cake in two pieces and the one who cuts, must let the other one choose his piece first.”

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