Many times the contribution that volunteers make are jeopardized by petty, petulant and vindictive remarks and unfortunately, society encourages this with their “politically correct” attitude.

Often times this type of treatment is unjust and it can affect a huge amount of lives, as was the case of one line dancing instructor’s decision to resign recently due to an anonymous complaint against her.

Someone voiced a complaint and she was given the instruction to watch what she said.  It was not made clear to her how she had offended them or who she offended.

The tolerance that these voices claim for themselves show a lack of tolerance when  opposing opinions are given.

It is clear that a person who has served this community as a volunteer for so many years without one single complaint against them deserves more respect.

I question the direction in which our society is going and feel everyone has a right to have their voice  heard.  However, that does not mean one or a select few can impose unreasonable constraints on the majority of people.

I believe if this type of practice continues there will be more volunteers who will be resigning and many more may refuse to volunteer if  required to use “politically correctness.” This, of course, includes all types of volunteers .  These are the people who help keep the costs down so we can enjoy this great community we live in.

Everyone needs to join in changing the direction in which a select few in our society are causing us to go.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved