Our Days Together…”Goodbye”

The time has come,
NationsBank is done,
With keeping Area Admin here.

My thoughts go out,
To the many days about,
When we were working together.

At first we were few,
And then we all grew,
To a very large number.

We worked together,
We ate together,
We shared our thoughts each day.

The times were good,
The times were many,
And we thought it would always be.

But now we must face,
The reality with grace,
And say goodbye to all.

May we all succeed,
And one day read,
That everyone is well and happy.

For I know in my heart,
That we will always talk,
Of the wonderful days bygone.

So I say to my friends,

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


I thought of what to do,
I thought of where to go,
I began my hunt with zeal!

The day was picked,
The time was chosen,
My nerves felt a little frozen!

The door was before me,
I hoped they would adore me,
The interview was about to begin.

They said, “where have you worked?”
They said, “what have you done?”
They asked me to explain.

I’ve worked at a bank,
I’ll have to be frank,
The jobs were quite a few.

When they gave me the cue,
I listed a few,
And then continued on.

They looked at me now,
And then I knew how,
This interview would end the “hunt”

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved