Buffalo Bluff

The buffalo looked huge, mean, sappy, Buffalo 1and a little scruffy while sticking it’s tongue out and standing on three legs.

There had been a lot of talk about Buffalo Bluff over a period of a few short weeks.  It was a master at capturing everyone’s attention.

People came from miles away just to take a picture of it.  After all, it was like no other buffalo they had ever seen.

It became famous the day it arrived in Peaceful Lands. There had been many stories told about it, but only Buffalo Bluff knows the real story.

How did it lose one of it’s legs? Why does it stick it’s tongue out all the time?  How did it lose it’s buffalo wings?  Is it the face that is on some nickles?  Was Buffalo, N.Y. named after it? Did it really go off a buffalo run?  Is it’s real name Buffalo Bill?

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