WEEK #21


The Taylor Project

“Ralph, is the Taylor project almost finished?” his supervisor asked.

“No!  We have been working on it for a long time, but it seems like we are getting no where with it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because the hole is not getting any deeper. “

“That’s impossible!”

“I know, but I have the depth checked every few days and it never seems to change.”

“Let me measure it and see what I come up with.”

“Sure, go ahead, but you will get the same answer I got.”

Jackson got to the site late in the afternoon after the crew had already left to go home. He stepped toward the hole and the ground shook, he heard a grumbling noise, the area felt cold and he was having trouble breathing. He thought he heard a strange voice warning him to go away and he rushed to get back to his car feeling weak and beads of sweat dripped from his head , his body shook, and he could barely get in his car.  As he drove away he thought he saw a huge black mass of clouds hovering over the construction site.

“What did you find out when you checked the site yesterday?” Ralph asked.

“Nothing, but I’ve decided to close the project and have everyone work on the Monroe project.”

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MindLove Misery’s Managerie

Photo challenge #163

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

Please credit the artist!

Drawing by:  Jessie Cross


I had an appointment to see someone about renting an apartment.

I parked my car and began walking up the street.  The apartment was in a basement of the building and I proceeded down some steps to get to the door.

There were two apartments labeled A and B, but I was not sure which one I was to go to.

It was a cloudy day and the area was dark.  As I turned toward apartment A, there was a loud noise that sounded like a gun being fired.

It startled me and my stomach felt like it was turning somersaults!

I hurriedly hid behind a large flower-pot when I saw the door of apartment B opening.

A  tall guy with bushy hair stormed out and started toward the stairs until he saw me crouched behind the flower-pot.

He suddenly turned towards me with a gun pointed at me, then a woman bleeding from her side came out the same door and fired a gun at him.

He fell towards me with blood covering his face, and  I fell back against the wall.

The policemen arrived and I was detained until they made their investigation, then I slowly walked to my car in a daze.

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Johnnie and Alfie

“Johnnie, let’s cut through here to get to the store,” Alfie said.

“This is not a good neighborhood, Alfie.  It’s dangerous to walk through it.”

“Come on Johnnie, just this one time.”

“Alright, but we better be careful.”

“We don’t have far to go now, but we have to pass that man standing by that car,” Alfie said.

“Let’s walk fast,” Johnnie remarked.

The man stepped in their path and blocked them from moving forward and said, “where are you going?”

“To the store,” Alfie answered.

The man said, “no you’re not, you are both coming with me.”

Johnnie yelled, “run Alfie, run!”

They started to run, but the man grabbed Alfie’s arm and pulled him toward the car.

Johnnie turned in time to see Alfie kicking and screaming as the man forced him into the car.

Johnnie raced to the store and told the first person he saw what had happened.

Minutes later a police officer came and Johnnie described the man’s old junkie looking car, and remembered the large tatoo of old tools on the man’s arm.

Within thirty minutes, the police arrested the man and Alfie was found unharmed.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved







Aaron slowly walked along the rocky landscape as he scanned the water for any sign of a ship or boat.

Part of his boat was still intact after a storm pushed it to shore, but it was not seaworthy.

He spent three days exploring the island and trying to decide what he would do if no one came for him.

He had used all of his supplies that were on his boat and only had a few things left in his backpack.

Using tree limbs and his cigarette lighter, he built fires in hopes of attracting attention from a ship or plane, but the few that came by, did not see the fire.

Once again, he built a fire in hopes of someone seeing it, and to keep warm.

The fire was in full blaze when a helicopter flew over the area, and he knew he would finally be rescued.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 04-18 through 04-24-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt.


“Mom! That old wagon in the back of our house moved several feet,” Millie said.

“That’s impossible. It has been in the same spot for a decade.”

“But, I saw it move!

“No, it’s just your imagination working over-time,” her mother said.

Millie came home from school in time to see a few men working around the old wagon and they moved it several hundred yards, then left after not being able to moved it any further.

She heard her mother come in the room.

“Mom! The wagon moved again,” she said.

“Oh sure! Millie.”

“Seriously mom!  Look out the window.”

Her mother walked over to the window and let out a loud gasp! “What? How can that be?” she asked.

Millie said, “I guess your imagination is working over-time also mom!”

Then she laughed before telling her mother what really happened.

Words (141)

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Three Line Tales, Week 61

Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible)


The doctors were within minutes of losing the patient.

The Drone arrived at record speed.

Heart received in time.

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WEEK #14

The challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner will open early Wednesday morning, March 29th. Allow the prompt to take you anywhere you want to go! (Limit your stories to 200 words.)

This challenge is open until 11:00 pm Friday night, April 7th, 2017.



“Kaitlyn, I’ve been looking for you,” Ethan said.  “Please put Kevin’s shoes down and come out of his room.”

“Do you remember how much he pleaded for us to buy him these shoes?”  she said with a quivering voice.

“Yes, and he will wear them again.”

“He’s been missing for three days now!”  she cried.

“I know, but the police are still working on the case and we will be meeting with detective McCloud in a little while.”

“I hear someone at the door. Please see who it is while I get my keys to the car,”  Ethan said.

“Ethan, come in here!  Detective McCloud is here and said they have found Kevin,”  Kaitlyn called in a high pitched voice.”

“Where?”  Ethan questioned.

“He fell into the old Miller mindshaft and broke his legs.”


“Let’s go to our son,” Kaitlyn said hurridley.”  “We can ask questions later!”

Words (148)

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES         cue…will

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


“Will you pass the test?”  Carla questioned.

“Of course I will!”  Bethany responded.

Bethany moved slowly toward the dark cave with shaking legs and perspiration dripping from her forehead as Carla followed  her into the cave.

After entering the cave Bethany heard Carla scream, turned around and found her lying on the ground with her legs dangling down inside a hole.

She quickly removed her neck scarf, gave one end to Carla, and braced herself holding to the other end while Carla painstakingly climbed out of the hole.

Minutes later they embraced with relief and Carla told Bethany she had definitely passed the bravery test!

Words (162)

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Girl, Forest, Enchanted, Young, Magic


Helplessness    (chapter 1)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4….

The night I found Deanna standing by the building, her and Amber had gone to the grocery store and on the way home, Amber thought someone was following them.

She drove around a couple of miles to make sure and the vehicle was no longer in sight, so she went home.

The garage door opened and after turning off the motor, her and Deanna got out and began to take the groceries in the apartment.

She had given Deanna her purse to carry and Amber followed her in with a few bags of groceries.

When Amber turned around to get more groceries she saw a man coming toward her from the garage.

She quickly slammed the door shut and tried to lock it, but the lock was broken.  There wasn’t enough time to escape so she told Deanna to run with her purse and get out the back door.

Deanna did not understand what was happening, but she knew her mother was frightened.

Amber told her to run, and to remember what she told her to do.

Deanna raced down the hall to the front door, opened it and ran out.  She went to a neighbor’s, knocked on the door, but no one answered.

It had gotten dark and she was cold and scared.  She ran to another section of apartments and saw someone walking, but they disappeared around the corner before she reached them.

She stopped to catch her breath and remembered to pull out her mom’s check book like she had been told and tore out one of the checks.  Then, started running again, dropped the purse and stopped at another building, leaning against it and when she looked up she saw me come around the corner.

Deanna shyly extended her hand and handed me the check she had torn out of her mom’s check book.

To be continued…



Girl, Forest, Enchanted, Young, Magic


Helplessness    (chapter 1)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3……

I learned the child’s name is Deanna and her mother’s name, Amber.

Amber asked that I meet her at Joe’s Coffee Cafe so she could talk with me in person. She said to look for the woman in the blue blouse.

When I arrived at the cafe there was a tall woman with very short, black hair standing just inside the cafe.  She wore a blue blouse, so I introduced myself to her, but she said her name was not Amber.

I turned away and saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walk in the cafe.  Her hair was long and auburn in color and she wore a blue blouse and black slacks.

My heart skipped a beat and my mind was saying, “I sure hope that is Amber!”

I asked her name, she smiled and said in a very soft voice, “Amber.”

Then, my heart skipped many beats!

Amber and I sat in a booth by a window with a view of the lake.  There were a lot of ducks and a few swans gliding across the water and she remarked of how beautiful they looked .

She said the swans always reminded her of peace and tranquility. Quite often she would sit on a bench and just watch them for a long time and those were the moments she treasured.

I asked her how she was feeling.

She looked down as she spoke and said there were no more therapy appointments scheduled.

The doctor released her , but  she needed a follow-up visit within a couple of weeks.  Her arms were still sore and the bone in her hand needed to stay in the cast for a few more weeks.

I could see bruises on her neck, but they were fading.

She did not see who attacked her because they had a mask on and she had no time to look as he was beating her while she struggled to get away.

She expressed her appreciation for my helping her daughter and said her daughter told her about my taking the piece of paper as she handed it to me.

She told me her daughter’s name is Deanna and her only child. Her father died in  an automobile accident when she was three years old.

They moved in with her boyfriend several months ago, but things did not work out so they moved out last month.

His name is Roger and he could not accept the fact that she no longer wanted to live with him, or even be his friend.  So, he stalked her.

She notified the police, but they could not do anything.  They just had her file a restraining order against him.

To be continued..

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved