Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 10-17 through 10-23-2017

The Envelope

Nelson spent his weekends playing football with his friends.  The football was old and they had to pump air into it each time they played a game.

While playing near an old  empty house , Nelson ran toward the house to retrieve the ball.  He saw a glass box attached to a wall with a piece of paper in it.

He couldn’t read what was on the paper so he took a rock and smashed the glass so he could take it out and read it.  What he discovered was an envelope taped to the back of the paper.  He opened the envelope and found it full of five dollar bills.

That afternoon, Nelson and his friends went to the sporting goods store and purchased a new football.

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES       clue…slip

Photo, courtesy of Pixabay.

The Jump

“I have my parachute on and will follow you down uncle Joe,” Alex said jokingly.

“You stand back and Emily will record my jump,”  Joe said.

The door opened, Alex moved a little closer, knocked against the tripod which caused him to slip and fall forward.

He fell against Alex, then fell out of the plane.

His first reaction was panic, but he remembered to pull the cord and his parachute opened.

He realized, with satisfaction, he was jumping for the first time and was hoping Emily was recording it!

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 07-25 through 07-31-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!


Taylor was always trying to impress Scarlet.   He was knowledgeable in many things, but she wasn’t impressed with his choice of a boat.

She felt the boat was too plain and too slow, until he began to drive it at a very high-speed!

Suddenly, the sides of the boat lifted, extended out, the boat lifted off of the water, and she looked down and realized they were flying way above the water!

She was immediately impressed with his choice of a boat.

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Day #5  ….You created a monster!

Football Head

Football Head

“You created a monster!”  Alice told Hunter.

“The only thing Freddie has in his head is football!”

“I know” Hunter said smiling.  “Isn’t it terrific?”

“No!  It is not terrific and it is totally unacceptable.”

“But, he’s doing so well, and loves the sport.”

“I love watching movies too, but I don’t watch them most of the day.  I don’t talk about them non-stop.  Everything I buy doesn’t have a movie star emblem on it and I don’t always get upset if things do not turn out the way I want it to.”

“He needs a balance of things to do, not just football.”

“I totally agree with you, ”  Hunter remarked.

“Good!  You can work with him in getting him interested in something besides football.”

“I’ll be happy to do that.”

“And, when will that happen?”

“Just as soon as baseball season gets here,” he said laughing.

“Hunter!  I’m going to go crazy with all of this.”

“That’s alright, Alice, we will keep busy during the seasons while you are gone,”  he chuckled.

“Hunter, you are impossible.  But, I love you anyway,”  she said with a grin.

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