Day #5  ….You created a monster!

Football Head

Football Head

“You created a monster!”  Alice told Hunter.

“The only thing Freddie has in his head is football!”

“I know” Hunter said smiling.  “Isn’t it terrific?”

“No!  It is not terrific and it is totally unacceptable.”

“But, he’s doing so well, and loves the sport.”

“I love watching movies too, but I don’t watch them most of the day.  I don’t talk about them non-stop.  Everything I buy doesn’t have a movie star emblem on it and I don’t always get upset if things do not turn out the way I want it to.”

“He needs a balance of things to do, not just football.”

“I totally agree with you, ”  Hunter remarked.

“Good!  You can work with him in getting him interested in something besides football.”

“I’ll be happy to do that.”

“And, when will that happen?”

“Just as soon as baseball season gets here,” he said laughing.

“Hunter!  I’m going to go crazy with all of this.”

“That’s alright, Alice, we will keep busy during the seasons while you are gone,”  he chuckled.

“Hunter, you are impossible.  But, I love you anyway,”  she said with a grin.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved