WEEK #20



“Jared, what are you thinking about?  You keep staring at that tree outside,” Matt said.

“I love looking at that tree because it reminds me of happier days.  Days when I was carefree, and living life with great expections for myself.”

“You can get the happy days back, Jared.”

“No, I’ll never get those days back.”

“You can have happy days like that again.  Just keep striving for better, and you will accomplish your goals.”

“My goal right now is to get out of this place and live a better life!”

“Yes, and now you must work toward that!”

“We can work on it together, Jared. I have the same goal and I think it’s time to sign up for those class’s that are being offered to us, ” Matt replied.

“I believe you are right, Matt! Let’s make it happen! We can talk to the warden today and start working toward our goal.”

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Day #8 ….What couldn’t you live without?

(some photos….courtesy  of Pixabay)


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ice-cream-631205__180 ice-cream-1101396__180 ice-cream-cone-1274894__180

 B   I   R   T   H   D   A   Y’  S  …. 🙂

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The 30 Day Art Challenge

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Day #7 ….What is your superpower?



My superpower is organization.  When things in my life are organized I feel like I have more space and control.

Bad habits are hard to break and it takes the desire and determination to break a bad one.  stick-309861__180

It takes a week to start a habit….so Let It Be A Good One!

Make any necessary changes that will benefit your schedule and make things easier to accomplish.

These are some of the things I do:

Use a calendar ( I put it on my phone as well) with big blocks of space to write down my scheduled appointments, events, and special days.  Each night check to see if there is something scheduled for the next day. calendar-159098__180

Don’t depend on my memory to keep track of everything.  Make a list of things I want to take care of and if it is a long list,  do a little at a time.


Try not to procrastinate.  Take care of the task I like the least and do it first.

Try to keep my priorities in order and do not delay in making decisions.

Use labels on containers and files. Make a list of items in each container and put it in a file to refer to. box-41657__180  cabinet-1293245__180

If there are items I have not used for a long time and probably won’t use, I will get rid of it.  I have no problem letting go of things.packing-40916__180

Women tend to have a lot of shoes and I’m no exception.  I keep my shoes in shoe boxes, except the ones I wear most of the time.  I take a photo of the shoes and tape it on the box. Then, I know what color, style and heel the shoe has. stock-vector-set-with-different-types-of-women-s-woman-s-shoes-ballets-sneakers-boots-flats-collection-380881363

I have art supplies in certain drawers or containers.  When I use them and finish my project, I put them back before starting another project.

When we retired and downsized, I had to really get organized because space is limited where we live and everything has it’s place.

I’ve spent a great deal of time deciding what works best in our kitchen.  kitchen-948363__180I have rearranged things many  times in an effort to make it more efficient to prepare meals and put things away.

I love to have things organized  so I won’t have to go on a hunting expedition to find what I’m looking for, and that makes me happy! advert-84406__180

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MindLoveMiserys Menagerie #113


Floating In Life

As I float along in life, I remember things in the past.

My sixth birthday was full of joy, with my family and friends surrounding me.  Balloons floating aimlessly in the air, yet secured to the chairs.  We played fun games, laughed and giggled the day away with not a care in the world.

Becoming a teenager was very exciting.  I vividly recall make-up day. Friends got together and painted each other’s nails, styled their hair, and experimented with using cosmetics. And, of course, the conversations revolved around boys.

Age sixteen was very special.  I gained a bit of independence. Receiving my driver’s license paved a way for me.  I joined the workforce part time , earned my pay, and made decisions when spending the money.

Each year I faced many changes in my life.  Some experiences were happy, some sad, and there were many challenges.

Life is a journey and we learn many things along the way.  A great deal of which is learned long after we need them.  I can look back and see many things that I wish I had known years ago, but life is that way.

I know everything starts from within.  There is the belief in myself, forgiveness, love, gratefulness, courage and patience.

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Six Sentence Story

Three Line Tales, Week Fifteen

TLT photo prompt by Erol Ahmed

TLT week 15: lemons

Change Your Outlook

“Marcie, my life is full of lemons because things are always going wrong,” Hank complained.

“Then do something about it and change your outlook on life!”

“If you get a lemon in life just change it into lemonade and enjoy the results.”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


Shape Your Own Future

Take that all important step of moving forward.


Recognize the unexpected and take action.


Stay observant, flexible, curious, courageous and diligent.  Take time to break away from your computer, cell phone, TV, and observe what’s going on around you.

Tone down your hyped-up schedule and take time for relaxation, walking, mediating, or sitting back comfortably and listen to soothing music.

Don’t get stuck in a rut.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Try new things, go to different places, and meet more people.

Stop remembering every detail of bad experiences and hanging on to them. Let them go.


Focus on the present and move forward to the future.

You will be happier, calmer and more in control.

Stress Reliever

Stillness with meditation is an activity that calms the mind an keeps it focused on the present. It is effective in controlling anxiety, enhancing the immune system, and reducing conditions such as high blood pressure.

During mindfulness meditation the mind becomes aware of but does not react to the wide variety of sensations of feelings and images tied in with a current activity.

Become more focused and aware, so your mind and body can be at the same place at the same time.

Brain scans have shown that mindfulness meditation increased gray matter in brain areas associated with learning, memory and compassion, and a decrease in the part of the brain linked to anxiety and stress.

The U.S. Department of Education is now funding a major study on how mindfulness can help teachers cope with the pressures of overburdened classrooms.

Mindfulness can help you reconnect with your body’s cues for hunger and satisfaction. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that learning mindfulness strategies helped participants eat more slowly, and eat up to 300 fewer calories a day.

Mindfulness can be done anywhere. Sit in silence and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. If your mind wonders, just bring all of your attention to your breathing. Just doing this for ten or fifteen minutes a day will be very beneficial.

The Rescue

I watched as the tightly cellophane wrapped head floated on the water along the ditch. My first thought as the wind blew cold rain on me was complete despair.

My responsibility had been to go to the grocery store and buy a few things with what little money that was given to me. My family struggled just to make ends meet each month, as did so many other families in our neighborhood. Every penny was to be used wisely.

Returning from the grocery store I had fallen down and dropped the bag of groceries I was carrying. I tried to stand, but could not get my footing and slipped further down the bank of the ditch. I was covered with mud, wet leaves and twigs. I managed to grab hold of a small tree. My fingers were bearing down on the rough tree bark as I used the full force of my strength to pull myself up.

In the short time while I struggled to stand, I was thinking about what a great loss it would be to lose that lettuce!

With a renewed sense of urgency, I quickly picked up my opened umbrella, ran along the bank of the ditch and swiftly scooped up the head of lettuce with it. I walked back to where I had dropped the grocery bag and carefully placed the lettuce in the bag.

I continued my journey home with a big smile on my face as I happily skipped along the path singing that well known song called “Singing In The Rain.”