“I AM”

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

I wonder how many people I will see this year

I hear crying

I want to help

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

I pretend to be a part of magic

I feel I could travel forever

I touch people’s feelings

I worry if I’m going in the right direction

I cry because I’m tired

I am hot in the winter and cold in the summer

I understand I’m a real value

I say let’s do it again

I dream of becoming famous

I try to make a happy ending

I hope I can do this forever

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

          QUESTION:    WHO AM I ?      (what Thing am I) 

Answer…Wagon at a children’s nursery school

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

The Rescue

I watched as the tightly cellophane wrapped head floated on the water along the ditch. My first thought as the wind blew cold rain on me was complete despair.

My responsibility had been to go to the grocery store and buy a few things with what little money that was given to me. My family struggled just to make ends meet each month, as did so many other families in our neighborhood. Every penny was to be used wisely.

Returning from the grocery store I had fallen down and dropped the bag of groceries I was carrying. I tried to stand, but could not get my footing and slipped further down the bank of the ditch. I was covered with mud, wet leaves and twigs. I managed to grab hold of a small tree. My fingers were bearing down on the rough tree bark as I used the full force of my strength to pull myself up.

In the short time while I struggled to stand, I was thinking about what a great loss it would be to lose that lettuce!

With a renewed sense of urgency, I quickly picked up my opened umbrella, ran along the bank of the ditch and swiftly scooped up the head of lettuce with it. I walked back to where I had dropped the grocery bag and carefully placed the lettuce in the bag.

I continued my journey home with a big smile on my face as I happily skipped along the path singing that well known song called “Singing In The Rain.”