WEEK #01



“Marsha, your table looks so nice!  I told Alex you were having a wine and cheese party on New Years Eve in his honor even though he isn’t here,” Emma said sadly.

“Emma, maybe we can get Alex on skype tonight!”

“That would be great!  I miss him so much and worry about him all the time.  I’m so afraid of him getting killed, or being notified that he is missing in action,” she said tearfully.

“Don’t think about that, Emma.  Everything will be fine! “

“Thank you Marsh, for such a lovely party.”

“It’s just getting started Emma! We are about to celebrate bringing in a new year and Robert just told me he has Alex on skype!”

Emma screamed in delight and nearly stumbled running to the computer.

It was almost midnight and Alex told Emma he wanted to make sure he said “Happy New Year” to her, but before he said anything else the computer screen went blank.

All Emma could hear was clapping and everyone screaming “Happy New Year.”

She turned around slowly and saw Alex with with his arms open for her.

“Happy New Year darling, I’m home!”

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Forward, Child, Cry, Soldiers, War

A Call To Duty

“Honey, I am so grateful I’m home!”  Martin said with joy.

“This is the best Christmas I could ever ask for!”

“Being here with you and Jodie is the most precious gift I could ever receive.”

“It’s been rough not being here for you and Jodie all year and missing all the special moments.”

“The military is my family also, and I have served to defend and protect our country so we are able to share times like these.”

“Wake up Sargent Preston, we have to move forward to take the hill before daylight!” Lieutenant Crawford yelled.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

“We Don’t Know Them All, But We Owe Them All.”

“Heroes aren’t the ones wearing capes and masks, they’re the ones wearing dog tags.”

To those who serve!  I salute you and pray for you! Thanks for all you do!


Soldier, America, Independence Day




DAY # 14 …If you could go anywhere in the world.

I would go to Tokyo, Japan with my husband to visit our son who recently moved there.  The hope, is to go within the next three years.

cherry-blossom-1318258__180                         Japan, garden, bridge

I want to take the Bullet Train to see Mt.  Fuji and Lake Ashi.

mt-fuji-732547__180  Mt. Fuji

I would go to the Ginza Shopping District, the Meiji Shrine, Asakura Temple and take the Tokyo Bay Cruise.

Other interest are Nikko National Park, Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum, and go on the Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour.

rickshaws in Toyko, Japan

Of course, during these outings, experience the culture and food.

geisha-884684__180            japan-1432853__180          girl-422243__180


thisegg bowl of rice japanese food japanese sponge cake

….but, not this….squid-262755__180   sushi

 I do not care to have my food “eyeballing” me! 

I plan to take numerous photos and it would be great to take the Photo Tour of Architecture and Streets.

JAPAN artichitecture in Japan tokyo streets

tokyo-290980__180   zen meditation

The one thing that does not interest me is the Tour of Sumo Morning Practice.    sumo




August…Day #1          Who Are You?

925d035b93cc17442c5c69ada5fe37b9  Jessie

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Sister-In-Law, Aunt, Cousin,Friend

I’m a person with many passions. Here is a snapshot of some of mine…..

WRITING  (I write …mostly fictional stories)

Writing Pen

ART   (sketching, painting, crafts..big & small)

IMG_0637                       IMG_0652

Reflection painting                         Large bottle red

Gazebo..built 1986 by Jessie gazebo              Joker game board  joker board

HORSEBACK RIDING Favorite HorsesRibbons Won

MUSIC   …favorites     Caffee Concerto Ensemble by: Jules Massenet, Canon in D Major by: Mainz Chamber Orchestra, Guntor Kehr and Johln Pachelbel,  Alibis by Tracy Lawrence,  Reason’s For The Tears I Cry  by: Vince Gill  The Prayer  By: Carole Bayer and Andrea Bocelli

MOVIES…favorites    Sound Of Music, Pretty Woman, Flash Dance, Ghost, Grease, Gone With The Wind, Ben Hur, The Lion King


I believe you can have fun at any age!

Halloween                                     Easter

Halloween Fun 2014  Easter Fun 2015

4th of July Fun 2015   4th  of July, 2015

BOOKS….Pride And Prejudice by: Elizabeth Bennett, Atlas Shrugged by: Ian Ryan, Oliver Twist by: Charles Dickens, The Diary Of A Young Girl by Ann Frank, The Thorn Birds by: Colleen McCullough

TRAVEL   …..Hawaii  In Hawaii 2014Lava in Hawaii..2014                    2014-11-27 20.38.48


2014-11-25 21.34.182014-11-25 15.54.31

2014-11-24 17.18.572014-11-24 14.37.22

2014-12-02 10.42.42

DANCING  ….Line Dancing,  (a choregraphted dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in rows executing the steps at the same time.   Cha-Cha-Cha, (rhythmic dance with slow and energetic movements) Dancing to music of the top 40 from 1952 to present day.

What I believe:

You can learn warmth from peoples coldness, love from aloofness, honesty from lies, trust from mistrust, compassion for those who hurt you, personal responsibility from those always blaming others.

You will find strength and character on your journey of life.  You must work at these to get to where you want to be.

If something in your life needs fixing…fix it!  If you can’t or choose not to, then let it go and move on.



Sunday Photo Fiction – December 20th 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to centre around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story.

135 12 December 20th 2015


“Bella, don’t tell me you left your coat at school again!”

“I’m sorry dad, we were outside and I got too warm, so I took it off.”

“Bella, you have to to be more responsible.  You are always leaving things everywhere and losing them.”

“I’ve bought you so many things lately!”

“Santa Claus is watching you and he’s checking that list to see who’s been naughty or nice.  I bet it includes watching how you are so careless with your things lately.”

“Dad, do you think Santa Claus will bring me the Tiny Tears doll I want so much?”

“It sure looks doubtful right now, considering what I just told you.”

“But, I’ll get better now dad!”

“You tell that to Santa when you see him at the mall today, he’s in charge of giving out the toys!”

“Hi! Ralph.  How was your job playing Santa Claus this year?”

“I talked with Bella as she cried while telling me she felt she needed to give her friend, Darcy, all those things you said are missing.”


“Darcy’s mother is disabled and they are barely existing on her disability check.”

“Bella is a real sweet and caring soul, Jim.”

CHRISTMAS MORNING…..Bella finds a Tiny Tears doll under the tree.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved




I love participating in various challenges especially writing challenges with prompts. Author Dan Alatorre hosts this amazing Flash Fiction Challenge where he gives a scenario and a keyword (actually its not him, its the randomizer that picks the scene and the keyword for you from his list) and you can write anything within a 1000 words  based on the scene, the keyword must become a part of your caption.

The list this time were all based on Holiday Scenes. The random number I got was number 4 and keyword number 8. My scene:  “One reindeer laying down with five other reindeer glaring at her.”  and my keyword was “Present“.

If you are interested in participating, click on the link above to read the instructions and choose your scene and keyword. Here is the story I came up with. Hope you enjoy it!

Present Speculation 

It was a beautiful winter night and the snow began to softly coat the ground with all it’s glory. Santa’s reindeer were relaxing before the big  Christmas event.

The conversation among them was a real eye opener!

“Who do you think will get the present from Prancer?” Donder inquired.

“Dasher spoke up and answered, “I bet it will be Rudolph because he is the favorite reindeer and he gets everything!”

Comet remarked, “it’s too bad all of us won’t get one.”

Cupid laughed, “come on, you know there are too many of us, so that’s not possible.”

Blitzen wailed, “I know, but why can’t it be me this year?  I heard Dancer got her present last year.”

Prancer had overheard the conversation and told them they just needed to stop the nonsense and back off because it wasn’t possible for her to give everyone a present this year.

They questioned her once again. ” Who will get the present  this year?”

Prancer looked at them and laughed, “you will find out in due time, but  now we need to get ready to help Santa deliver all the presents to the children.  They are counting on us tonight and it’s our job to deliver.  So, stop your speculation about who gets my present and let’s get to work to make this the best Christmas delivery ever!”

As usual, all the reindeer worked together and followed Rudolph’s lead.  It turned out  a fantastic adventure for them and they came home feeling exhausted, but full of Christmas Cheer.

Donder yelled, “Rudolph is calling us to go to the barn.  I think Prancer is going to give her Christmas present to one of us now!”

Dasher wailed, “sure it’s going to be given to Rudolph, you know that!”

All the reindeer entered the barn and there lay Prancer with a sweet little reindeer calf and Vixen was proudly standing beside her.


Prancer said, “my Christmas present is for Vixen this year guys.  Perhaps I can give another one to one of you next year!”

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

ARTICLE IN THE SUN NEWS …. (reference…SUN POST HERALD  (12/23/2010 at 1:48 p.m.)  asked teachers at several schools to share pupils responses to a couple of questions.

  1. How does Santa Claus get his reindeer to fly?         Answers:  “Santa puts his magic on the snow when it falls on Christmas Eve. When the reindeer eat it they can fly.”    “Santa puts magic dust on the collars and belts.  That makes the reindeer fly.”    “Santa trusts God to make his reindeer fly for Christmas Eve.”    Santa Claus makes magic carrots.”    Santa uses Christmas spirit to make his reindeer fly.”
  2. What is your favorite holiday/Christmas song?      Answers:  “Frosty the Snowman because its catchy.”    “I like Rudolph the red nose raindeer because I  love raindeer.”    “Twelve Days of Christmas because it counts up to twelve.”    “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth because I want mine to come in.”   “Deck the Halls because I like the la, la, la, part.”    “My favorite song is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because it reminds me how people used to treat my friends so every time I hear it it makes me feel good about myself.  Because when people are mean to my friends, I stand up for them.”