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Memorable Event

Julie was nervous, excited, scared and yet, looking forward to the event.

She was now ready  to experience the greatest day of her life.

She had her dress purchased, food ordered, flowers and now stood by the door anxiously waiting for the cue to enter the room.

The  moment arrived and she was given the cue to make her grand entrance.

She proudly entered the room, stumbled on the carpet, lost one shoe, fell sideways, hit the table full of refreshments, fell face first into the punch bowl, and landed on the floor with a look of horror, a feeling of complete distress, and the wish to simply disappear!

Unfortunately, it was not the greatest day of her life, but she had hopes that it would be the worst!

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 03-28 through 04-03-2017

The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words)

Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

The Mad Scramble

“Gee grandma, you have a lot of pictures in your house,”  Milly remarked. “Which one is your favorite?”

“The one with the man playing the piano,” she answered.


“My friend was visiting us that day and he brought his pet mouse which got loose and Miss Patience and Mrs. Grandstand saw it.”

“What happened then?”

“They screamed, jumped up and down with their hands circling in the air and ran into each other and the furniture trying to get out of the room.”

“I’ve never laughed so much in my life!”

“They were angry with me for a whole month after that.”

Word count (103)

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“Wesley and Rob are fighting again,” David said.

“That’s nothing new, but I believe I have a solution to this particular kind of argument,” Carolyn remarked.

“Rob, Wesley, your mom wants to talk to you.”

“I know there is only one piece of cake, but you will just have to share it.”

“But, mom, Rob usually gets the biggest piece!”

“Not this time because one of you will cut the piece of cake in two pieces and the one who cuts, must let the other one choose his piece first.”

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


Twittering Tales #14 – 24 January 2017

Today it  is  again  time  for  Twittering  Tales from Kat Myrman of Like  Mercury Colliding 

Kat provides a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.



Monthly Science Project

“We have our monthly science project completed!”  Joe laughed.

“Sure!  But how will we get me turned back into a human?”  Morse questioned.

“No problem, that will be our next project!”

137 characters

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-17 through 01-23-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Shivangi Singh. Thank you Shivangi for our photo prompt!

We Were Told It Could Not Be Done

“Do you believe it?”  Cutter said.

“No!  I’m looking right at it and I don’t believe it” Sawman exclaimed.

“We have cut and sawed on this tree all day.  Yet, it seems to have grown bigger and stronger with each passing hour!” they said in amazement.

The tree just laughed with the whispers of the wind and covered the workers with shade.

Little did they know,  that the tree was a secret scientific project of the boy who lived in the house it stood beside.

The boy was known as the genius of the neighborhood.

Words (95)

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TBP’s On-Line Writer’s Guild #34

This week’s prompts are: 

I’ll take apple, it’s a long ways down, and the last bus has gone

girl-619689__180       apple-1589869__180     bus-1028169__180-1


“Why are we stopping?”  Heloise questioned.

“Heloise!  Did you happen to notice the motor cut off?”  Brian said in disgust as he got out of the truck.

“Oh great! That’s all we need, water everywhere.”  he shirked.

“Is there a leak?”

“Yes, Queen of the obvious, there is a leak.”

“How did that happen?”  Heloise asked.

“I guess the water just decided to leave the radiator, Heloise!”

“But, we have to get to the bank before they close. Let’s take a bus.”

“Heloise, the last bus has gone.  We can borrow one of Jim’s cars from the garage.  At least we can walk there!”

“Jim said you can have some of his fruit while you wait for me to bring the car around here.”

“What kind of fruit?”  I’m starving, she said.

“You can have apple or apple!”

“Very funny!  I guess I’ll take apple.”

“Hurry up Heloise, the bank’s going to close soon and we need to cash this check.”

“I’m trying, I’m trying.  It’s hard to get in this so called…car.  If it were any smaller it would be a fruit crate on wheels!”

“Don’t complain.  It’s free. “

“That’s good, I like free.”

“I know you do, now let’s go get this check cashed.”

“Yes, your Majesty!”

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay


Wildest Dream

“Suzanne, come see what I found, it’s beyond my wildest dreams!”  Sean exclaimed.

“Alright, what’s the big deal?”

“Here’s a fallen star and it was bright and sparkling before you got over here, but now it just looks like a star that goes on top of a Christmas tree, thanks to you being so slow to get over here! “

“Bingo,  it is a Christmas tree star, Sean!”

“Suzanne, you never believe anything I tell you!”

“Seriously Sean, you keep acting like I was born yesterday, but I’m here to remind you once again, that you are wrong!”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 09-13 through 09-19-2016

his week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Jade for our photo prompt!


“Patrick, what is that?” Jeffery asked.

“It’s a magic pink diamond.”

“I can see that it’s pink and diamond shape, but where did you get it?”

“It was on the floor of the space museum.”

“You stole it!”

“No, not exactly, it was sitting by a trash can.”

“Hey!  Maybe it is the object the scientist are looking for.”

“What object?”  Patrick questioned.

“I don’t know, they won’t say anything about it.”

“What is the diamond for, Patrick?”

“It’s amazing!  I left it in my bedroom when I went to  school and when I came home my whole room was neat and clean!  I love it!”

“Maybe your mom cleaned your room.”

“No, she told me if I did not clean it every day she would throw my things in a huge pile on the back porch and I could sort things out there.”

“Wow!  I want one of those.”

“Well, let’s keep it a secret and I will share it with you.”


Words (166)

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved