Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Week of 02-28 through 03-06-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by MajesticGoldenRose. Thank you for our photo prompt!

Drinking Affect

“I wonder how I ended up in this fenced area,”  Bill questioned. “The drink Joe gave me last night must have been very powerful.”

“There’s Joe over there.  Hey Joe!  Joe, it’s Bill.   He doesn’t seem to hear me, so I’ll walk a little closer to the fence and maybe he can see me.”

“Oh great!  A truck delivering mirrors is about to block my view.”

“What? I don’t believe it!  If I’m correct, I’m looking at myself in one of those mirrors.”

“Holy cow!  I mean, I’m a cow! “

“That drink Joe gave me last night was worse than I thought. I’ve heard of waking up in a strange place after drinking too much, but never in a pasture as a cow!”

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Twittering Tales #14 – 24 January 2017

Today it  is  again  time  for  Twittering  Tales from Kat Myrman of Like  Mercury Colliding 

Kat provides a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.



Monthly Science Project

“We have our monthly science project completed!”  Joe laughed.

“Sure!  But how will we get me turned back into a human?”  Morse questioned.

“No problem, that will be our next project!”

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“Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 12-27 through 01-02-2017


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you Iain for our prompt photo!

More Freedom

“I told you he would find a way to help us,” bragged Front In Line.”

“You did, and I’m glad you were right!” answered Sure Win. “However, how long will it last?”

“I don’t know, but  now we are free to enjoy this beautiful beach.  I love the feel of sand on my hooves and salt water splashing on me. There’s even time to enjoy the fantastic view!”

“I know, I haven’t had this much fun since being pampered that year I was ill and scratched from the Grand Quarter Race,” Sure Win recalled.

“I’m afraid master Jimmy will get in trouble for letting us have this freedom. He will meet with the boss tomorrow.” Front In Line remarked.

“Yes, but it will be after we are on our way to the Open Field’s Ranch,”  Sure Win laughed as he galloped along the shoreline.

“Good!  Now we will have the freedom to really run wild for a couple of days.”

“Yes, thanks to master Jimmy. I really love that young man.”

“So do I! “

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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


Weave a tale in which you as a traveller are lost in a foreign city and you find help from an unlikely source.

Where are you going?

How did you get lost?

Who is it that helps you?

What do you learn about this person?

Photos courtesy of Pixabay..



My visit to Alfricon Jungleria was meaningful and inspiring.

It is a city unknown to most people and the population is extremely low.

I arrived at a nearby international landing strip, built just for this great city.

The city is unlike any I have ever seen.  There are no motor vehicles. Everyone travels by foot, boat, or what I would call a make-shift rickshaw that resembles a horse carved out of a tree trunk.

I had a guide that helped me move about the city because the city was more like a jungle, hence, the name Alfricon Jungleria.

There are few shopping areas, miles of vegetation, and I saw all kinds of animals. Some roaming near the houses and all along the different paths we traveled.

We traveled for over an hour, but did not cover a great distance due to the vegetation and winding roads, or what I would consider as being just narrow paths.

I wondered away from  my guide, just trying to follow the little paths through the vegetation to take pictures and I got lost.

I walked for what seemed miles, received a lot of mosquito bites and scratches on my face and arms from the vegetation. Nightfall came and I was so tired I laid down on an old wooden bench I came across, then fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of a small child singing.  She walked up to me and placed my hand in hers, then proceeded to lead me to a small house nearby.

She motioned for me to sit on a chair, then disappeared and came back with a pail of water and a cloth.

I tried talking to her, but she could not understand me.  She soaked the cloth with the water and gently placed it on the mosquitoe bites as she continued to smile at me and hum the song she had been singing.

A man came out of the house and extended his hand to me.  We talked, although I could barely understand his language.  He said his name was Abernishinger and the little girl was Aphrodite, his daughter.

I learned Alphrodite means Goddess Of Love and this little girl has a lot of love to share, a beautiful voice and a very sweet and caring heart.

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photo by Rebecca Johnston

three line tales week 35; deer at sunset

The Sighting

“Yes, I did see her and she was standing among the other deer just looking at me, but I don’t know why she wasn’t moving because I was so close to her!”  Josh said with excitement.

“Josh, I think you had too many of those special mind altering drinks last night and when you passed out your dreams took over your mind and this is the result of that!”  Blair retorted.

“Well, if you believe people have actually seen Big Foot, you should believe me, your best friend, that I saw the Spirit Deer!”  Josh replied with indignation.

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Dog Day


His name is Peanut and he is a real sweetheart!  He loves his bed! He also loves to play with his toys and he can entertain you if you just say…Scooby Dooooooooo!  It causes him to lift his head up high and howl.    🙂     He’s our favorite granddog.  (our only granddog at the present time)



DAY # 9 ….What ‘s your favorite movie?

THE SOUND OF MUSIC…is one of my all time favorite musical drama’s.

Pictures are courtesy of Pixabay.

stick-309861__180                  music-1131855__180

It is so heartwarming and I like movies that are based on a real life story.

The music is outstanding and the people playing the parts were well suited for them.  The scenery of Salzbarz is fantastic.

I love this movie so mush, I’ve watched it numerous times over the years.

Favorite animated movie….THE LION KING

Sketched by me 08-2016

                               Tlhe Lion King

A great movie with family drama.

It’s emotional and funny, and I loved the songs. They were very inspiring.

The landscapes are quite remarkable as well.

It is a wonderful animation and a great movie for all ages.






Day # 3    ………….writing      What are you looking at right now?

Photo..courtesy of Pixaby


Weekend Away

“What are you looking at right now?”  Nolan asked.

“I thought I saw something over there!”  Rosalena whispered.

“It’s just your imagination. No one’s around here.  I’ll get some firewood before it gets too dark,” he remarked.

Rosalena was looking forward to a quiet weekend with just her and Nolan.  They really needed a weekend away from the hussle and bussle of city life.

She began wondering what was taking Nolan so long and anxious to start preparing their first meal under the stars and in fresh air.

Nolan insisted they spend their first hour fishing so they could have them for dinner. She had never cooked fish over an open fire before.

She heard some noise coming from the area where Nolan was gathering the firewood and thought he was on his way back to their camp.

Several minutes later, he still had not returned and she was getting worried.  She called out to him, but did not get an answer.

Just as she started to go look for him, a strange man emerged from the wooded area carrying Nolan over his shoulder. She gasped at the sight of it and thought he was dead!

The strange man was very tall and muscular.  He went straight to the tent without saying a word and placed Nolan on a cot.

Rosaleana immediately rushed over to Nolan, but the man pushed her away and told her to leave him alone.  Then, he ordered her to sit outside while he took charge of cooking the fish.

She tried to run for help while the man was busy cooking, but he caught her and tied her to a chair.

When the fish were cooked he proceeded to eat them while she stared in horror.  He ate so fast and barely chewed before swallowing.

She heard dogs barking and it sounded like they were coming in the direction of the camp.

The man looked at her and said “those are my dogs and they will be here soon.”

Minutes later, three dogs came rushing towards the camp followed by several forest rangers.

The rangers immediately surrounded the man and handcuffed him. He did  not resist.

She learned that he had escaped from a nursing home and it was the second time he had done that.

Nolan suffered from a concussion after being hit on the head.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 08-02 through 08-08-2016

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!


Marcus was tired from being at the picnic all day so he stretched out on the grass to rest.

He heard the men talking about horses and it got his attention.

Mr. Joe said, “my Chevrolet has 275 horses in it.”  Mr. Rob said, “mine has 455 horses.”  Mr. Thomas laughed and said, ” mine has 707 in my Dodge Challenger.”

Marcus couldn’t believe his ears.  He ran to the parking lot to take a look at their cars, but there were no horses in the cars.

He walked away disappointed and went to tell his mother how the men lied.

At first, she laughed. Then, she told him she was sorry for laughing at him, and explained to him what the men actually meant.

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