Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 10-17 through 10-23-2017

The Envelope

Nelson spent his weekends playing football with his friends.  The football was old and they had to pump air into it each time they played a game.

While playing near an old  empty house , Nelson ran toward the house to retrieve the ball.  He saw a glass box attached to a wall with a piece of paper in it.

He couldn’t read what was on the paper so he took a rock and smashed the glass so he could take it out and read it.  What he discovered was an envelope taped to the back of the paper.  He opened the envelope and found it full of five dollar bills.

That afternoon, Nelson and his friends went to the sporting goods store and purchased a new football.

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WEEK #34

Rusty Gate


Annie had lived in the house since she was a small child.  Having to sell it was difficult.  There were so many memories made there.

She invested a lot of money to update the house and she wanted to live in it forever, but could not afford the house payments any longer.

The day after the sale of the house,  she was walking across the road and hit by a car.  She died immediately.

Over the years, many families lived in the house, but none stayed very long.

Annie became very excited the day the city posted a do not trespass sign in the yard.

She could finally relax and enjoy her house by herself!

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WEEK #33

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“There it is Drake!”   Radford screamed.

“How do you know?  There are dozens of green bicycles like that around town.”

“Because it’s not far from the gas station  robbed, and was probably left there when the tire went flat after running over that big piece of glass sticking out of it.”

“That’s a tall stretch, Radford, but we can check it out.”

“Look! There’s a guy running over there with a bag in his hand and I bet it’s full of money, ” Radford said.

The guy heard Radford and started running.

Drake reached the guy first and knocked him to the ground trying to stop him.

“Why were you running and what do you have in the bag?”  Drake questioned the man.

“I found it in the basket on the bicycle was his reply.”

Radford took the bag from the man an opened it up.

“It’s just an old pair of shoes!”  Radford said with surprise.

The man told them the bicycle had been there for several days, but no one ever came back for it, so he took the shoes.

Drake received a call  from the police station stating the robber was arrested.

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WEEK #32

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Bird In A Cage

“Sushi, where are you?”  Macaroni wondered.  “I’ve been on this fence long enough!”

“Oh! There you are.  Where have you been?  I’ve been worried about you.”

“I flew into a sudden rain storm a few miles from here.  It was awful!”  Sushi explained.

“You look terrible!  Did you crash into something?”

“No, I’m just drenched.”

“I saw a parakeet laying on a bush and it was barely breathing,”  Sushi said.

“A parakeet!”

“Yes, you know, one of those birds that live in a cage in a human’s house.”

“Oh! Yes, I’ve heard about that kind.  I wonder how it got out of the cage.”

“The cage was hanging on the porch and when it rained, the wind blew, it fell off the hanger and crashed against the porch rail,  then landed on a bush.”

“The human rushed out to rescue the poor bird, but it was too late.  The bird got hurt when the cage fell and dumped him out on top of the bush.”

“Well, at least it wasn’t concrete!”  Macaroni said.

“No, but the bush had a lot of stickers on it!”

“Ouch!  That hurts just thinking about it!”

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES        cue…mine


Suddenly, we heard a loud rumbling sound and there was complete darkness!

The silence I experienced after the rumble, shook me to the realization that we were in serious trouble.

I called out to Bob, Frank, Jose, and Ryan, but did not receive a response.

I scanned the area for any sign of light, but there was not even a flicker.

Any kind of movement was impossible for me, so I laid there praying and passed out from the pain in my back.

It took the rescuers over two hours to clear the area of the coal mine and rescue us.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 08-15 through 08-21-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Thank you artycaptures!

A Valuable Cup

“George, I think I heard someone yell when you pulled the lever on the truck,” Maddox said.

“I didn’t hear anything!”

“Well there’s no noise now, so it was probably just something someone threw away.” Maddox said.

“We only have two more streets to cover  before we dump this load of garbage and go to the north side of town,” George remarked.

“Wait! George, I hear that noise again.”

“So do I!”

“Good grief!  It’s a kid,” George said as he opened the back of the truck.

“Son, are you alright?” Maddox asked.

“Yes, I just scrapped my knee a little,” he said.

“Why were you in the garbage ben?” George asked.

“To get this cup,” he said.

“George and Maddox said, “what on earth for?”

“Because my mother accidentally threw it away and it’s part of my school science project I’ve been working on for the last two weeks!” he said.

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Today’s Bus Ride

After riding on the bus, for what seemed like forever, I looked up and saw a woman sitting in the seat behind the driver.

There was no movement from her until the bus driver turned sharply to the right, and the woman fell sideways.

I jumped up from my seat and rushed over to her, to see if she was alright.

It was at that moment when I saw blood dripping from her sweater.

A closer look revealed a small knife protruding from her chest.

I immediately notified the bus driver and he brought the bus to a stop.

The driver called the police and an  ambulance.

I listened to the news and heard about a woman being stabbed on a bus today.

Apparently,  her husband had gotten angry with her and stabbed her with his pocket knife before exiting the bus.

After being questioned by  the police, he confessed to stabbing her.

She is at the hospital in critical condition.

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Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved