WEEK #33

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“There it is Drake!”   Radford screamed.

“How do you know?  There are dozens of green bicycles like that around town.”

“Because it’s not far from the gas station  robbed, and was probably left there when the tire went flat after running over that big piece of glass sticking out of it.”

“That’s a tall stretch, Radford, but we can check it out.”

“Look! There’s a guy running over there with a bag in his hand and I bet it’s full of money, ” Radford said.

The guy heard Radford and started running.

Drake reached the guy first and knocked him to the ground trying to stop him.

“Why were you running and what do you have in the bag?”  Drake questioned the man.

“I found it in the basket on the bicycle was his reply.”

Radford took the bag from the man an opened it up.

“It’s just an old pair of shoes!”  Radford said with surprise.

The man told them the bicycle had been there for several days, but no one ever came back for it, so he took the shoes.

Drake received a call  from the police station stating the robber was arrested.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved




2 thoughts on “CAPTURED

  1. I feel so terribly sad for the man, Jessie. I hope that wasn’t the robber they had caught. Love the great pace in the story . Very nicely written.


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