SIX SENTENCE STORIES       clue…slip

Photo, courtesy of Pixabay.

The Jump

“I have my parachute on and will follow you down uncle Joe,” Alex said jokingly.

“You stand back and Emily will record my jump,”  Joe said.

The door opened, Alex moved a little closer, knocked against the tripod which caused him to slip and fall forward.

He fell against Alex, then fell out of the plane.

His first reaction was panic, but he remembered to pull the cord and his parachute opened.

He realized, with satisfaction, he was jumping for the first time and was hoping Emily was recording it!

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


20 thoughts on “THE JUMP

  1. I’ve never jumped; the slip and fall from a plane would be most unnerving !!! I’m not sure I’d remember to pull the cord if I’d “jumped” in error. Good use of the cue.

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  2. I hope both the camera, no doubt attached to the tripod, didn’t get bumped out of the plane by Alex. It would have been awful to have miss that historic first jump.


    • Ha! Ha! Thank you! Perhaps it is my subconscious telling me to break free of something. If so, I wish it would be a little clearer! Or maybe I’m just on a one track way of thinking right now.


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