Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 07-04 through 07-10-2017

his week’s photo prompt is provided by Kecia Spartin. Thank you Kecia!


Now, I am in the biggest crisis of my life!

I never wanted to take this jaunt in the jungle, but knew it would please my father.

The guide, my father’s best friend, agreed to take me along as a favor to him.

My experience in this type of outing has been zero, thus a contributing factor to my dilemma.

The snake and I continued to stare at each other as beads of sweat trickled down my face, with my feet feeling glued to the ground, and my heart getting ready to burst out of my body!

I could not move, I could not yell, but my mind being very active filled me with absolute terror!

Then, it happened. The snake moved toward me and my eardrums blasted with the awful sound of the gun being fired.

Thankfully, my guide shot the snake just as it was trying to strike me.

Words (152)

Copyrightย ยฉ 2017ย Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

35 thoughts on “CRISIS

  1. I really enjoyed reading this take of the photo prompt! It’s really amazing how you managed to evoke such tension, despite the low word count; really well done!


  2. I’m behind on visits… I’m trying to go to the same (or close) dates to posts visited…

    I’m not sure if I would do well in a Jungle. Though City Jungles an be just as perilous!
    Thank goodness for those who do know what they are doing as guides.


  3. Thank you for reading and commenting. I understand about being behind! I have been unable to keep up at my regular pace for about three weeks now due to hurricane complications and medical….but do plan on getting back to everything soon.


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