First Aid, Rescue, Victims, Savior

Looking For Answers

“Anna, what is wrong with you?” Blaze asked.

Anna’s face turned red , she gasped for breath and fell to the floor.

The ambulance arrived, but the EMT’s decided to have Anna air lifted to a specialized hospital. She had injured her head when she fell and her breathing problem continued.

She was taken to the operating room .

Blaze paced the waiting room and continuously looked at the clock.

Dr. Milane walked into the waiting room and told Blaze, Anna was recovering after they removed a small piece of peach seed from her throat, put a few stitches in her forehead and stabilized her neck for the strain she had suffered when she fell.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



10 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR ANSWERS

  1. Wow! What a creative six! It is hard to imagine a piece of a peach seed breaking off like that, but if it did, it would be very difficult to swallow. It is amazing how many different way a fall can impact a person.


    • Thank you! 🙂 Strange things happen all the time and I guess a double injury can occur under certain circumstances. It amazes me how some people survive with all the strange things that happen in life.


  2. There is a pointy bit that could break off that could cause the problem. We all must have stories of unlikely events puting us or our loved ones at risk like this. Here was I hoping for some peachy reading and you have given me drama instead!


  3. Choking is such a terrifying experience, and we know it can be deadly. I am sure Blaze was much relieved when the doctor assured him that Anna was going to be ok. Very creative use of the prompt word, which wasn’t an easy one!

    Papa Bear once rescued a child who had choked on food in a restaurant and was starting to turn blue. That was before I knew him, but it is true to his character to always do what he can to help.


  4. I think it is wonderful that people in need can be helped by someone in an emergency like that. It is very frightening to not be able to breathe. I have experienced that sort of thing twice in my life time and you never forget it.Thank you for reading and commenting.


  5. I have had a choking experience which led to a fall and a broken nose and a bruised jaw. Not fun and very scary as I lost air and went down. You wrote the experience well.


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