WEEK #22



The explosion created such a loud sound, it could be heard from miles away!

Flames rose high above the building creating intense heat, and clouds of dark smoke.

People ran from the building crying, screaming and fire engines began arriving to the scene.

Some of the firemen quickly pulled the hose from the fire truck and began spraying the flames while others ran toward the building to help people escape.

A young man ran toward the burning building, but he was stopped by one of the firemen. He tried to pull loose of the fireman’s grip, but to no avail.  He screamed a woman’s name and wept uncontrollably.

Firemen carried injured people out of the building and ambulances arrived to carry them to the hospital.

A woman stumbled out of the side of the building wearing what looked like a piece of curtain.

A fireman rushed toward her and caught her before she fell on the payment.

The young man recognized his wife.  She had burns on her hands and had difficulty breathing.

The fireman quickly placed an oxygen mask over her face and motioned for a stretcher.

She had soaked a curtain in water and placed it over her before running from the building and that kept her clothes from catching fire.

The young man rode with her to the hospital.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


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