SIX SENTENCE STORIES        cue…entrance

Photo..courtesy of Pixabay

Memorable Event

Julie was nervous, excited, scared and yet, looking forward to the event.

She was now ready  to experience the greatest day of her life.

She had her dress purchased, food ordered, flowers and now stood by the door anxiously waiting for the cue to enter the room.

The  moment arrived and she was given the cue to make her grand entrance.

She proudly entered the room, stumbled on the carpet, lost one shoe, fell sideways, hit the table full of refreshments, fell face first into the punch bowl, and landed on the floor with a look of horror, a feeling of complete distress, and the wish to simply disappear!

Unfortunately, it was not the greatest day of her life, but she had hopes that it would be the worst!

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved




14 thoughts on “MEMORABLE EVENT

  1. Good story! And there is no way to but up, and what good fodder for a grandmother story some day!
    When we get together, there is always a re-telling of the “tragedies” in my life, like going to the men’s bathroom and other things that are to long to tell in a comment. Thanks for the story.


    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. At least when things like that happen we can laugh about it later and share our experiences with others. No one has it easy their whole life. There are lots of things that happen to people.


  2. ayyieee what a great example of the all too common, ‘public embarrassment’ that we, all of us, confront. the ability to put perspective on such occurrences, are acquired only with time, which is unfortunate. All the ‘someday you’ll look back and laugh’ doesn’t not change the feeling (for us) at the time, despite how true it might be.


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