Week of 03-07 through 03-13-2017

The Fifth Concert

Maria was celebrating with friends before her fifth concert playing the piano honoring her grandmother.

She had followed in her grandmother’s foot steps of having a love for piano music.

It was a joyous time, but somewhat sad because she had never been able to play the piano her grandmother had left her in the estate.

Someone had taken her grandmother’s piano and it had never been found, however, the search for it continued.

Maria’s husband, Johnathan, escorted her to the concert hall and to her surprise, when she walked on stage, she saw her grandmother’s piano and a bouquet of red roses sitting on top of it.  This brought tears to her eyes.

Her grandmother had always played her piano with red roses sitting on top when ever she performed in a concert.

It was the best moment of Maria’s life since her grandmother had passed away.

Words (162)

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

20 thoughts on “THE FIFTH CONCERT

  1. I like this story, about lost family treasures. I can think of several things I would like to have back in my possession.


  2. This is such a sweet story Jessie. I wonder who stole the piano? Some jealous relative? I’m happy her husband found it and that she got to play it with roses ontop. It sounds like a picture-perfect evening. I really do think there’s another story there about where her grandmother’s went, who stole it and why?


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