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The Return

The anticipation of his return was almost more than I could bear.

It had been six long, agonizing years of fear, dread, and so many questions unanswered.

The day of his arrival had finally come and my heart was so full of joy and love, I thought I would pass out.

My thoughts were moving in different directions as I stood waiting for the plane to land.

Would he recognize me, still be in love with me, and dozens of other questions kept my mind spinning.

As he stepped out of the plane our eyes locked, our smiles  joined together, and all fear and uncertainty disappeared.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

24 thoughts on “THE RETURN

  1. her anxiousness and thoughts all focused on someone she adored, this was beautifully written, I remember waiting for someone to return and how I felt like I might know them anymore yet after so many years apart, but I remembered everything we shared and wanted to pick up like he never left. Really lovely to me.


  2. The anticipation/excitement/nervousness was so palpable in your story that I could feel her there waiting and experience the flood of relief and joy when their eyes met and she knew everything was going to be fine. Well done, I love a tale with a happy ending!


  3. Thank you, I’m glad it had that affect, which is what I wanted. I love happy endings also and find it hard to go in the opposite direction in most cases when writing fiction.


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