Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Week of 02-28 through 03-06-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by MajesticGoldenRose. Thank you for our photo prompt!

Drinking Affect

“I wonder how I ended up in this fenced area,”  Bill questioned. “The drink Joe gave me last night must have been very powerful.”

“There’s Joe over there.  Hey Joe!  Joe, it’s Bill.   He doesn’t seem to hear me, so I’ll walk a little closer to the fence and maybe he can see me.”

“Oh great!  A truck delivering mirrors is about to block my view.”

“What? I don’t believe it!  If I’m correct, I’m looking at myself in one of those mirrors.”

“Holy cow!  I mean, I’m a cow! “

“That drink Joe gave me last night was worse than I thought. I’ve heard of waking up in a strange place after drinking too much, but never in a pasture as a cow!”

Words ( 123)

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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