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Helplessness    (chapter 1)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3……

I learned the child’s name is Deanna and her mother’s name, Amber.

Amber asked that I meet her at Joe’s Coffee Cafe so she could talk with me in person. She said to look for the woman in the blue blouse.

When I arrived at the cafe there was a tall woman with very short, black hair standing just inside the cafe.  She wore a blue blouse, so I introduced myself to her, but she said her name was not Amber.

I turned away and saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walk in the cafe.  Her hair was long and auburn in color and she wore a blue blouse and black slacks.

My heart skipped a beat and my mind was saying, “I sure hope that is Amber!”

I asked her name, she smiled and said in a very soft voice, “Amber.”

Then, my heart skipped many beats!

Amber and I sat in a booth by a window with a view of the lake.  There were a lot of ducks and a few swans gliding across the water and she remarked of how beautiful they looked .

She said the swans always reminded her of peace and tranquility. Quite often she would sit on a bench and just watch them for a long time and those were the moments she treasured.

I asked her how she was feeling.

She looked down as she spoke and said there were no more therapy appointments scheduled.

The doctor released her , but  she needed a follow-up visit within a couple of weeks.  Her arms were still sore and the bone in her hand needed to stay in the cast for a few more weeks.

I could see bruises on her neck, but they were fading.

She did not see who attacked her because they had a mask on and she had no time to look as he was beating her while she struggled to get away.

She expressed her appreciation for my helping her daughter and said her daughter told her about my taking the piece of paper as she handed it to me.

She told me her daughter’s name is Deanna and her only child. Her father died in  an automobile accident when she was three years old.

They moved in with her boyfriend several months ago, but things did not work out so they moved out last month.

His name is Roger and he could not accept the fact that she no longer wanted to live with him, or even be his friend.  So, he stalked her.

She notified the police, but they could not do anything.  They just had her file a restraining order against him.

To be continued..

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved





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