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Girl, Forest, Enchanted, Young, Magic


I turned the corner and saw a small child trembling from the chill in the air standing against the building.

She looked up at me with her wide blue eyes and an expression of helplessness that melted my heart.

She said nothing but slowly extended her hand toward me and I was given a piece of crumbled paper.

I took the paper from her small hand and smoothed it out so I could see what was on it.

It was part of a check with an address.

I called the police, gave them the information and waited with her until the police arrived.

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


29 thoughts on “HELPLESSNESS

  1. The illustration matches the sadness of your words. Whatever situation has led this little girl to be outside on her own and reaching out to strangers, it can’t be anything good. You did this well and made my heart instantly go out to her with a mother’s protective instinct.


  2. This reminds me of the movie, Lion, that I saw yesterday. It is so sad that there are children in this world who are living on the streets.


  3. This is brilliant Jessie. Fantastic writing. I want to know what’s next. Is this girl real? What do the police find out? What does the piece of the cheque have to do with everything?


  4. Thanks so much! I have more written and will be posting it by chapters, but it won’t be in the six sentence form because it is too restricting for me to be able to tell the whole story. I will just include all the chapters URL’s on each posting so anyone can follow the story if they choose to. I plan on posting one a week..I appreciate your interest. 🌞


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