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Cuba, Old Car, Forest, Red, Sepia


“Mom, it’s my turn to drive the car,” James complained.

“Yes it is, and since Thomas has his license he can go with you and you can act as his chauffeur, but you must come back in thirty minutes so I can go to my hair appointment.”

“Turn left at the next stop sign, left at the light, right at the fork of the road, and stop at the dark brown house.”  Thomas instructed.

“I need to talk to Emily for a few minutes, but I will be right back so keep the motor running.”

“Thomas, you have been gone for twenty minutes and now it’s time to go back home!” James screamed.

“Calm down James, remember you are my chauffeur, so I’m in charge today!” Thomas said with a cheeky grin.

Words (136)

Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

18 thoughts on “CHAUFFEUR

  1. I agree with you, siblings usually find a way to settle scores and restore balance. It is not always the older ones who take advantage of the younger. My younger sister was a master at getting us older sisters in trouble with Dad, but we all laugh about it now. She felt she was justified in her perspective at the time.


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