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The Solution

“Look at the gold and white fish,” Diego said.

“I see it, but why is it so important?”  Maeto remarked.

“That, Maeto, is our way out of the country.”

Laughing, Maeto said, “neither of us will fit on it, and you know I don’t do well in water.”

“I’m saying, it’s a special fish!”

“It’s not that special!”

“Oh! But it is!”

“Explain please.”

“You know I have connection with the science department.  My friend Carlos, who works there has developed this fish for us.”

“How nice of him.  However, I still don’t understand how that helps us.”

“We carry the fish in a small container, walk up to the border patrol and when he looks inside the container, we will just casually walk across the border.”

“What have you been drinking?  That’s ridicules!”

“Not really.  The fish will give off wave signals and freeze everything within 500 feet of it for up to ten minutes.”

“We, however, will have a solution in our body that prevents us from freezing.”

“That’s brilliant!  Where is this solution we will drink?”

“Right here in my briefcase.”

“Well, don’t just stand there, let’s go!”

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SIX SENTENCE STORIES         …….cue:   given

Girl, Forest, Enchanted, Young, Magic


I turned the corner and saw a small child trembling from the chill in the air standing against the building.

She looked up at me with her wide blue eyes and an expression of helplessness that melted my heart.

She said nothing but slowly extended her hand toward me and I was given a piece of crumbled paper.

I took the paper from her small hand and smoothed it out so I could see what was on it.

It was part of a check with an address.

I called the police, gave them the information and waited with her until the police arrived.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-24 through 01-30-2017

his week’s photo prompt is provided by Singledust. Thank you Gina!


“Sean, where are you?”  John asked.

“I’m sitting in the restaurant waiting for you.”

“I don’t see you.”

“I’m in the side room.”

“There is no side room, Sean.  You must be at another restaurant.”

“You did say go to the red Chinese restaurant on Elm Street, right?”

“You must be at the Japanese restaurant.”

“Well, it is a red building and has a foreign sign on it, but I can’t read it!” Sean said with exasperation.

“You told me you could read Chinese!” John blurted out.

“I was only joking!”

“Well, the jokes on you now!”

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Twittering Tales #14 – 24 January 2017

Today it  is  again  time  for  Twittering  Tales from Kat Myrman of Like  Mercury Colliding 

Kat provides a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.



Monthly Science Project

“We have our monthly science project completed!”  Joe laughed.

“Sure!  But how will we get me turned back into a human?”  Morse questioned.

“No problem, that will be our next project!”

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WEEK #04



“Who is he?”  Jamie asked.

“He’s your worst nightmare!”  Frederick warned.

“Why do you say that?”

“Just take my word for it,” Frederick said harshly.

Jamie decided he would find out for himself.  He bravely walked over to the tattoo man and stared at him, waiting for some type of reaction.

With a move fast as lighting, the tattoo man raised his fists at Jamie and stared back at him.

Jamie’s body began to shake, his skin felt like it was on fire, his mouth was dry as powder and he saw skeleton heads rushing toward him.

Extremely loud music filled his ears and suddenly, he woke up to the song “Reckless Skeleton.”

“Jamie!  I told you to never play my CD’s without my permission!”  Frederick scolded.

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Cuba, Old Car, Forest, Red, Sepia


“Mom, it’s my turn to drive the car,” James complained.

“Yes it is, and since Thomas has his license he can go with you and you can act as his chauffeur, but you must come back in thirty minutes so I can go to my hair appointment.”

“Turn left at the next stop sign, left at the light, right at the fork of the road, and stop at the dark brown house.”  Thomas instructed.

“I need to talk to Emily for a few minutes, but I will be right back so keep the motor running.”

“Thomas, you have been gone for twenty minutes and now it’s time to go back home!” James screamed.

“Calm down James, remember you are my chauffeur, so I’m in charge today!” Thomas said with a cheeky grin.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-17 through 01-23-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Shivangi Singh. Thank you Shivangi for our photo prompt!

We Were Told It Could Not Be Done

“Do you believe it?”  Cutter said.

“No!  I’m looking right at it and I don’t believe it” Sawman exclaimed.

“We have cut and sawed on this tree all day.  Yet, it seems to have grown bigger and stronger with each passing hour!” they said in amazement.

The tree just laughed with the whispers of the wind and covered the workers with shade.

Little did they know,  that the tree was a secret scientific project of the boy who lived in the house it stood beside.

The boy was known as the genius of the neighborhood.

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WEEK #03



Kaitlyn looked out the window.  The people looked very small from the 23rd floor.  She wondered if they were happy, safe, and lived with someone who loved them.

She couldn’t remember the last time she was happy, safe and loved. Cliff was always unpredictable every day.

She spent her days pretending to have a normal life and keeping her bruises hidden under her clothing.

Cliff came to the office unexpected and insisted she go to lunch with him.

He drove out of the city at a very high-speed and the car went off the road, began sliding down the side of a hill hitting trees and he pushed on the brakes.

The car stopped, but he could not open his door.

Kaitlyn  jumped out, ran around to Cliff’s door, then stood staring as he screamed at her to pull open the door.

The car slid a little more and Kaitlyn stood by and watched it slowly tumble-down the hill, crash into a tree and catch on fire.

She turned around and walked away feeling free for the first time in three years.

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Copyright © 2017 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved