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Forward, Child, Cry, Soldiers, War

A Call To Duty

“Honey, I am so grateful I’m home!”  Martin said with joy.

“This is the best Christmas I could ever ask for!”

“Being here with you and Jodie is the most precious gift I could ever receive.”

“It’s been rough not being here for you and Jodie all year and missing all the special moments.”

“The military is my family also, and I have served to defend and protect our country so we are able to share times like these.”

“Wake up Sargent Preston, we have to move forward to take the hill before daylight!” Lieutenant Crawford yelled.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

“We Don’t Know Them All, But We Owe Them All.”

“Heroes aren’t the ones wearing capes and masks, they’re the ones wearing dog tags.”

To those who serve!  I salute you and pray for you! Thanks for all you do!


Soldier, America, Independence Day


19 thoughts on “A CALL TO DUTY

  1. This was so well done! Having been a military wife for several years when I was younger, I know how hard it is for families to be apart, both for the soldier longing to be home, and the family missing him so much! Your story is a powerful reminder, and I pray that he finally came home alive and well.


  2. Lovely piece Jessie well done honouring those who serve. You did a good job with his dream. Making it seem as if he was back at home with his wife and small daughter, I was a bit sad when he woke up and it wasn’t real. I thought it was real until he was told to wake up!


  3. Thank you! The waking up was sad. He did manage to have a little peace and a time to be with his family, even it it was a dream. But I’m sure waking up was a real nightmare for him, especially since he was about to go into battle.


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