SIX SENTENCE STORIES         Cue…draft

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


Life Changer

Everyone knew the risks involved, but it was their job, their only livelihood.

Tucker and Drake entered the mine with their co-workers in anticipation of completing a section they were working on for several days.

They knew it would be a long day and a difficult one, but did not expect the tragic event that would change their life forever.

The explosion of one section caused a tremendous amount of dust and coal to tumble over the entire area.

Hours passed with silence and heartache for Tucker as he tried to crawl toward a small area where he felt a slight draft of air.

The rescue squad managed to pull Tucker and Drake from the rubble, but Tucker lost the sight in one eye, and Drake’s legs were severely damaged and only three other survived among the fifteen miners.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “LIFE CHANGER

  1. Having been down an old copper mine I well appreciate how scary they can be especially as the one I visited you couldn’t stand upright in the shafts but had to remain crouching all the time!


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