Period Of Adjustment

“Donna, I know it is a big city, but I’ll adjust.  I have a terrific view from my apartment and I feel safe here. I haven’t felt safe in a long time,” Page said sadly.

“My mental scars are far worse than the physical ones. I’m very happy now.”

“At least you know Trent is in jail, ” Donna reminded her.

“Hello Mr. Jordan, how are you today?” Page cheerfully asked.

“I’m excited about going on vacation!” he said smiling.

“Well, I hope you have a wonderful time.”

Page locked her door and proceeded to the garage parking lot and as she entered the garage someone grabbed her and forced her into a dark corner.

She tried to fight back, but was unable to do anything but scream. The person was beating her with a club and she fell to the pavement. Then, she saw the shoes.  Shoes that belonged to Trent!  She wondered how he managed to escape from jail.

She tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her hair and pulled her back in the corner .  She began to drift off into unconsciousness when she heard the gun being fired.

Page lay in a pool of blood, Trent’s blood.

Mr. Jordan had come to her rescue when he heard her screaming. He shot Trent in the head just as he was about to hit Page with the club again.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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