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“Marty, why are you banging on my door so hard?”  Alicia questioned.

“It’s my dad, he’s in big trouble because he was trimming our tree and a limb fell on him and now he is bleeding and can’t talk to me!”

Alicia called 911 as she ran toward the backyard.

Marty’s dad, Dillon, was still unconscious when the ambulance arrived and they hurriedly worked on him for several minutes trying to stop the bleeding.

Dillon had fallen on a stick and part of it was in his neck, so they stablelized him and rushed him to the hospital.

Dillon spent two weeks in the hospital and his voice box was permanently affected, however, he was still able to talk at a whisper.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

20 thoughts on “DILLON

  1. Oh man! That’s a whole lot of pain and angst in only 6 sentences.! Amazing that such a close call with potentially fatal results can come from something as innoccuous as a…stick. Talk about freak accidents!


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