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Jamie Is Missing

“Bryce, where is Jamie?” Joanne questioned.

“I don’t know, he was here a minute ago and I looked everywhere for him.”

“Bryce, he is only four years old and you were suppose to take care of him while I got my prescription filled,” she said frantically.

“Mom, you know how quick he can disappear and I asked everyone in here if they had seen him, but no one has!”

“Excuse me, Mrs. Fisher, Jamie was covered with cereal boxes, but he is not hurt.”

“He said he was just trying to fix the row of boxes that were crooked when they fell on him.”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

19 thoughts on “JAMIE IS MISSING

  1. Nothing is more terrifying to a mother than a missing child. The mere thought of that at any age takes my breath away. Here in our state right now there is an all out hunt for a college student that vanished last weekend. The boyfriend appears suspect. Dear lord! I am so glad your story ended much more gently, despite the fact that there was certainly a jumble in the process!


    • Thank you! Yes, there are so many things like this that happen in this day and time and not all of it turns out well. I think it is important to keep reminding people that bad things happen and it’s necessary to be alert and stay as safe as possible…especially when children are depending on you for their safety.


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