“Jake, I’m sorry you missed our birthday party, but everyone understood that you had to work because of your boss’s medical emergency and after all, we have celebrated our birthday together since our birth!” Drake said.

“That’s alright, because the guys at work pitched in and helped me set up the store for the Fall season  oak-386454__180 and now I won’t have to work tomorrow.”

“Why are we going in the cemetery, Drake?”

“I promised Darin I would look at the date on his grandmother’s grave stone since we are driving right by and he needs it for the ancestry project he is working on.”

“Oh rats, I didn’t know she is in this creepy mausoleum,  cemetery-1059330__180but I do have a flashlight I can use, even though it is a small one.”

Drake opened the mausoleum door, Jake went in, their friends stood there holding a cake birthday-1208233__180 and wearing mummy costumes,  mummy-309452__180then everyone started dancing around Jake as some creepy music played and they screamed Happy Birthday, Jake! background-1056641__180

Photos used are by the courtesy of Pixabay.

I wish everyone a great Halloween day!  pumpkin-187601__180

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


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