Starting Over

“Cory, I miss you so much!”  his sister, Janis cried.

“I miss you too, Janis!  I’m so sorry for putting everyone through this.”

“Shame on me for being such an idiot!  I knew better than to hang around Fred.  Now, I’m in this human cage!”

“Don’t keep beating yourself up, Cory. You made a mistake by helping Fred, and not questioning his actions.  Now, you are here serving your time for the crime, but it won’t be forever!”

“It seems like forever, but you’re right, I’ll be out soon and I can start my life over…in the right way!”

“Did you get the information I mailed to you?” Janis asked.

“Yes!  Thank you, and thanks so much for your understanding and support all these years.  I’ve read every book they have here, and the ones you have given me.”

“So, are you saying you are going to apply?”

“Absolutely!  I will fill out the forms and have them mailed this week.”

“Mom will be so happy!  She has always said you should go to college and become an engineer,” Janis beamed.

“Well, with the books I’ve read, at least I’m off to a good start.”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “STARTING OVER

  1. It’s nice how shecis helping to educate her sibling, even if he’s in prison. He’s at least motivated to read and applying for university is a great way to further himself. Keep him busy passing time in prison, and education for a better job afterwards. Great write Jessie,


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