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Wildest Dream

“Suzanne, come see what I found, it’s beyond my wildest dreams!”  Sean exclaimed.

“Alright, what’s the big deal?”

“Here’s a fallen star and it was bright and sparkling before you got over here, but now it just looks like a star that goes on top of a Christmas tree, thanks to you being so slow to get over here! “

“Bingo,  it is a Christmas tree star, Sean!”

“Suzanne, you never believe anything I tell you!”

“Seriously Sean, you keep acting like I was born yesterday, but I’m here to remind you once again, that you are wrong!”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


28 thoughts on “WILDEST DREAM

  1. Being a mere male I must confess that I may have been guilty of being late on the scene to view something spectaular. But that is not the point they saw it but just don’t ask us for confirmation!


  2. Story of my life. I miss so much, but then I’d have believed him and asked him to tell me again and again. How did the Christmas tree star get there anyway?


    • Ha! I may have believed him also and then decide to hang around in hopes of another one falling! Perhaps a child was just playing with the star and left it there. Something fascinates them sometimes and then they turn their interest to other things…in a blink of an eye! 😉

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  3. ‘Hurry! before you miss it!’ what a fundamental lesson on life we all get when we are young… unfortunately as seems the case with many, if not most, these lessons do not sink in until much, much later in life.


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