TBP’s on-line writer’s guide #33

This week’s prompts :

He talks too much and..

Alcohol and pills

             woman-1043030__180                                       suitcase-1077412__180


Paisley sat in a corner of the room with her arm around Lily as they trembled and listened to their father’s high-pitched voice.

He always talked too much, became violent, and broke things after digesting too many pills and alcohol.

This type of behavior had become normal in their home since the sudden death of their mother.

It had been three years since her death and he had never come to terms with it.

Paisley took over the roll of mother for Lily and the responsibilities of all the household chores, even though she was only twelve years old when their mother died.

She had to grow up quickly because Lily needed her.  Their dad did very little to help.

It was Lily’s birthday and Paisley wanted her  to have a real happy birthday.  She baked a beautiful cake, wrapped one of her most treasured items her mother had given her that Lily always admired, and even found a couple of balloons in one of her junk drawers.

There were no candles she could use, so she took three straws and cut them in half to place on top of the cake.

Lily turned eight years old that day, but it was not a happy birthday for her.

Their father became unusually violent, went in the kitchen, broke all the plates, glasses and slipped on the broken glass.  His head hit the kitchen counter, he fell onto all the broken glass, blood quickly spread across the floor and he became unresponsive.

Paisley rushed out of the room with Lilly, called the rescue squad, and took Lily to a neighbor’s house.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

Time spent:  45 min.

Number chosen :  26

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