Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Weave a tale in which you as a traveller are lost in a foreign city and you find help from an unlikely source.

Where are you going?

How did you get lost?

Who is it that helps you?

What do you learn about this person?

Photos courtesy of Pixabay..



My visit to Alfricon Jungleria was meaningful and inspiring.

It is a city unknown to most people and the population is extremely low.

I arrived at a nearby international landing strip, built just for this great city.

The city is unlike any I have ever seen.  There are no motor vehicles. Everyone travels by foot, boat, or what I would call a make-shift rickshaw that resembles a horse carved out of a tree trunk.

I had a guide that helped me move about the city because the city was more like a jungle, hence, the name Alfricon Jungleria.

There are few shopping areas, miles of vegetation, and I saw all kinds of animals. Some roaming near the houses and all along the different paths we traveled.

We traveled for over an hour, but did not cover a great distance due to the vegetation and winding roads, or what I would consider as being just narrow paths.

I wondered away from  my guide, just trying to follow the little paths through the vegetation to take pictures and I got lost.

I walked for what seemed miles, received a lot of mosquito bites and scratches on my face and arms from the vegetation. Nightfall came and I was so tired I laid down on an old wooden bench I came across, then fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of a small child singing.  She walked up to me and placed my hand in hers, then proceeded to lead me to a small house nearby.

She motioned for me to sit on a chair, then disappeared and came back with a pail of water and a cloth.

I tried talking to her, but she could not understand me.  She soaked the cloth with the water and gently placed it on the mosquitoe bites as she continued to smile at me and hum the song she had been singing.

A man came out of the house and extended his hand to me.  We talked, although I could barely understand his language.  He said his name was Abernishinger and the little girl was Aphrodite, his daughter.

I learned Alphrodite means Goddess Of Love and this little girl has a lot of love to share, a beautiful voice and a very sweet and caring heart.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


  1. Oh Jessie! This is such a beautifully woven tale…it’s so amazing to read you writing so many words. A wonderful experience.
    I’m excited to try this challenge and have followed the site. An interesting site.


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