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The  Body

Marcus and Jackson discovered a body while out for a day of fishing.

They had just gotten back to the parking lot and as they were loading their gear in the trunk they saw her next to the club house pool near a wooded area.

The police arrived and started their investigation, thinking she must have drowned while swimming, however, they discovered dark marks on her wrists and there were pieces of tree bark clinging to her bathing suit.

Marcus and Jackson were the only ones there since it was late in the afternoon and everyone had left the clubhouse.

After questioning them, the police arrested Jackson after finding the same type of tree bark sticking on Jackson’s pants cuff as the woman had on her bathing suit and he had fresh scratches on the side of his face.

After being pressured for an explanation from Marcus he confessed to the murder, and told him he had killed her when he went back to the truck for something and ran into her, they ended up getting in a heated conversation, he lost his temper, grabbed her, she scratched him and he smothered her screams with his hands until she went limp, then he left her by the pool, knowing no one had seem them.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

19 thoughts on “THE BODY

    • Jackson killed her when he went back to the truck to get something out of it, and when they had finished fishing …that is when they reported seeing the body. It is true in a lot of cases that someone will return to the crime scene. For some reason they think if they are seen there, they will not be a suspect.


  1. Marcus wasn’t thinking clearly enough for when they ‘discovered’ the body Marcus should have tried to resussitate her and in doing so get the tree bark on his clothes with a witness by his side. Scratches on his face are also easy to come by and explain away. I think I should represent him in court!


    • When borh of them got back to the truck after fishing, both saw the body, but Jackson was the one that had gone back to the truck earlier and killed her. I’m quite sure both of them could tell by looking at her that she was already dead, especially after a couple of hours. Jackson made the mistake of confessing to the murder, probably because he did lose his temper and ended up killing her while in his rage. At least that would not classify as premeditated murder, but murder none the less. It was after Jackson was accused of murder, when his friend, Marcus pressured him to find out if he really murdered her and how….then Jackson gave his account of the incident.


  2. That is a possibility. I’m sure the attorneys will have a lot of questiions they want answered.He is the only one there to give the details, but an investigation may prove his story to be only partly true. It’s amazing how they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt …what really happened that day.


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