DAY # 14 …If you could go anywhere in the world.

I would go to Tokyo, Japan with my husband to visit our son who recently moved there.  The hope, is to go within the next three years.

cherry-blossom-1318258__180                         Japan, garden, bridge

I want to take the Bullet Train to see Mt.  Fuji and Lake Ashi.

mt-fuji-732547__180  Mt. Fuji

I would go to the Ginza Shopping District, the Meiji Shrine, Asakura Temple and take the Tokyo Bay Cruise.

Other interest are Nikko National Park, Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum, and go on the Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour.

rickshaws in Toyko, Japan

Of course, during these outings, experience the culture and food.

geisha-884684__180            japan-1432853__180          girl-422243__180


thisegg bowl of rice japanese food japanese sponge cake

….but, not this….squid-262755__180   sushi

 I do not care to have my food “eyeballing” me! 

I plan to take numerous photos and it would be great to take the Photo Tour of Architecture and Streets.

JAPAN artichitecture in Japan tokyo streets

tokyo-290980__180   zen meditation

The one thing that does not interest me is the Tour of Sumo Morning Practice.    sumo

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