DAY #12 ….a favorite childhood  toy.

My favorite was a Tiny Tears doll.

I can recall watching my friend sitting on a glider each day while she used a little comb to comb her Tiny Tears doll’s hair, curl by curl.

I had asked for a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas and I received my wish after much pleading.  However, I did not know they not only came with curly hair,  but some had painted hair.

Much to my disappointment, I received the kind with painted hair.  My only consolation was the doll had beautiful blue eyes which blinked, drank a bottle and wet.

Now, sixty-five years later, I still have my Tiny Tears doll.  She has aged. The pipe to her mouth has come unglued so she can no longer drink a bottle and wet, and her eyes still blink, however, they are no longer a beautiful blue.

Her other ailment is her arms and legs that have dried out and cracked.  She is also missing a forefinger.

I played nurse and put tape on her arms and legs, then dressed her in a new outfit.

doll 2                                doll                       Tiny Tears doll

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