Day # 6   ….. What do you miss?

When a gas station attendant pumped the gasoline for your vehicle, cleaned the windshield, checked the oil level, and the air in the tires.

When a fast food restaurant was fast!

When grocery stores used paper bags to pack your groceries.

When there were radio programs you could listen to and use your imagination of what the people looked like and the places they were at.

Different phases of life when our children were growing up.

The ones in our family and friends that have passed away.

People not always blaming everything on race.

People not burning our countries flag.

Not having someone trying to have God taken out and off of everything.

Being able to express ourselves without being accused of not being politically correct.

Not having the threat of Nuclear weapons being used again.

Not wondering if one day a terrorist will strike in the public place we are at.

Short check-in lines at the airports.

Not having to take off my shoes and walk through a scanner.

Not being able to take food and drinks on the plane.

Not having to carry just trial size containers in my suitcases.

Not having to be careful about everything I say, so the airport officials won’t have cause to suspect me of being a terrorists.

The days when people visited and talked to each other more, and less time spent using their lap-top, I-pad, and I-phones.

When health insurance was less expensive, less complicated and you could decide what type of policy you wanted to buy.

The things listed above is just a sample things I miss.


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