Day # 4  ….Purple


rose-1023302__180 a color of elegance and grandeur

One of the innovations developed by man. They stand for enchantment and the giver having fallen in love at first sight. 

car-309714__180 have popped up periodically in auto markets

General Motor’s Chevrolet, among others, revived purple for some of its smallest cars several years ago. 

pointing-24478__180 get noticed in a crowd

Available in ..Twill Jacket, Fleece Jacket, Hooded Reversible Packable Puffer Jacket, Hooded Vest, Windbreaker Jacket, and Hooded Rain Jacket.

sunset-67900__180  depends on the way the sun enters our atmosphere

One place to see such a sunset is at Lake Mead National Recreation area located in the Basin and Range provinces of the American Southwest. It is more georgeous at sunset as the deep purple lake and pink skies set off against black hills.


 by: Jessie Cross

To you, I give a purple rose,

My true love, at first sight. 

When I saw you I fell in love, 

You smiled because you knew. 

Dreams do come true, 

Because I met you. 

You are the stars in my sky, 

The sunshine in my eyes. 

You may hold my hand for a while, 

But you hold my heart forever. 

Like the moon and the stars, 

May our hearts never part. 

cupcake-312345__180  purple cupcake decorating

black-1479051__180   HAVE FUN!


butterfly-154673__180     aubretia-1371599__180    butterfly-154673__180

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


10 thoughts on “LOVING PURPLE

  1. I do so love purple, and these things are all beautiful! I have always wanted a purple vehicle! I have seen very pale lavender roses, they are called “Sterling Silver”, but I’ve never seen this shade, I would be enchanted! A brilliant sunset painting things purple, now that’s the artwork of God!


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