PHOTO PROMPT- ©Ted StrutzCopyright-Ted Strutz


“Make it another double, bartender!”  Ralph said very quietly.

“Sure thing, sir.”  Smitty said.

“Hey!  Smitty, who are the drinks for?”  Joe questioned.

“For that gentleman, of course.”

“What gentleman?”

“The one sitting in front of the drinks,” he said looking in the gentleman’s direction.

“Smitty, I think you have supplied yourself with drinks!  No one’s there,” Joe yelled as he swayed on the bar stool.

Ralph chuckled, thinking to himself, “Sarah is right!  My personality does make me disappear!”

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

19 thoughts on “DISAPPEAR

  1. I think he’s making an art out of it, and that’s the best thing he can do. Being invisible isn’t only a disadvantage. Great story, I love it.


  2. Some people are just more later back and don’t feel they always need to be the Center of attention. I’m sure when he needs to be or wants, he can make everyone listen. Nice take Jessie.


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