Day # 3    ………….writing      What are you looking at right now?

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Weekend Away

“What are you looking at right now?”  Nolan asked.

“I thought I saw something over there!”  Rosalena whispered.

“It’s just your imagination. No one’s around here.  I’ll get some firewood before it gets too dark,” he remarked.

Rosalena was looking forward to a quiet weekend with just her and Nolan.  They really needed a weekend away from the hussle and bussle of city life.

She began wondering what was taking Nolan so long and anxious to start preparing their first meal under the stars and in fresh air.

Nolan insisted they spend their first hour fishing so they could have them for dinner. She had never cooked fish over an open fire before.

She heard some noise coming from the area where Nolan was gathering the firewood and thought he was on his way back to their camp.

Several minutes later, he still had not returned and she was getting worried.  She called out to him, but did not get an answer.

Just as she started to go look for him, a strange man emerged from the wooded area carrying Nolan over his shoulder. She gasped at the sight of it and thought he was dead!

The strange man was very tall and muscular.  He went straight to the tent without saying a word and placed Nolan on a cot.

Rosaleana immediately rushed over to Nolan, but the man pushed her away and told her to leave him alone.  Then, he ordered her to sit outside while he took charge of cooking the fish.

She tried to run for help while the man was busy cooking, but he caught her and tied her to a chair.

When the fish were cooked he proceeded to eat them while she stared in horror.  He ate so fast and barely chewed before swallowing.

She heard dogs barking and it sounded like they were coming in the direction of the camp.

The man looked at her and said “those are my dogs and they will be here soon.”

Minutes later, three dogs came rushing towards the camp followed by several forest rangers.

The rangers immediately surrounded the man and handcuffed him. He did  not resist.

She learned that he had escaped from a nursing home and it was the second time he had done that.

Nolan suffered from a concussion after being hit on the head.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved



10 thoughts on “WEEKEND AWAY

  1. The build up was great with this piece. I really had no idea who this muscular guy was. He must have been a dangerous patient to be chased down, and have escaped to this point. Happy Nolan and her were okay.


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