File, Metal, Tool, Metallic, Industrial

Near Escape

Alarms sounded loudly and the guards rushed into action.

The spotlights lit up the entire area.

There were dogs going to every possible opening sniffing for a scent.

They captured Ramus within yelling distance of the compound.

The question arose of how Ramus, also known as Puff,  managed to escape from his jail cell.

He had received a birthday cake from his brother, who had baked the cake with a small metal file inside of it.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


16 thoughts on “NEAR ESCAPE

    • Thank you! I almost forgot…had the whole story written and Then realized the word I was to use was Puff…I figured it would make a great nickname..especially for a prisoner!!


  1. Rumus’s brother was clever. But Rumus wasn’t clever enough not to get caught. Great little story Jessie. Enjoy your weekend.


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