Mindlovemisery’s  Menagerie and Tale Weaver

In today’s Fairy Tale task I am asking you to create a modern day version of the Ugly Duckling. You can choose any form you like and see where it takes you.



Jon Jon was living in an orphanage until he turned eight years old.

A couple visited the orphanage one day and decided to adopt Jon Jon and raise him along with their three children.

He was shy, awkward and small for his age.  His siblings were tall, strong, and very outgoing.

Jon Jon felt like an outsider.  He wished he was like his siblings. He watched them play baseball and was sad because he could not play as well as they did.

One day he was sitting outside watching his siblings play baseball and the ball landed right beside him. He picked it up and threw it to one of his siblings.

That day he realized how quickly and accurately he could throw the ball.  He began to join them on the field each day.

Jon Jon felt so proud and happy that he was able to play baseball as well, if not better, than his siblings.

Jon Jon exceeded all expectations and scored the most points for his team when he played in the championship games.

8 thoughts on “THE OUTSIDER

  1. This is lovely Jessie. I’m so glad Jon Jon had this untouched potential and talent, that allowed him to play baseball too and feel like he was one of the family. Great take on the fairytale 🙂


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