Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie     Tale Weaver #75

Bedtime Stories For Grandparents

A child/grandchild reading to the grandparent.

Grandma, Cat, Poverty, Shop, Stick

Grandma Millie

Grandma Millie disappeared one day and Grandpa Billy was so sad.

He looked in all the rooms in their house, but she was not in any of them. He went outside and looked in the front yard, the back yard and even asked the neighbors if they had seen her, but no one had.

Grandma Millie loved to walk on the beach, so Grandpa Billy went to the beach to see if she was there.  She was not.

He walked back home feeling so sad and worried about her. When he arrived home he saw an ambulance in front of their house.

He quickly walked up to the house and there was Grandma Millie!

She was in the ambulance waiting to go to the hospital.

Grandma Millie had fallen when she walked over to a neighbor’s house to help a little kitten that had climbed on top of a shed and could not get down.

She reached up to get the poor little kitten and after the kitten was safely on the ground,  Grandma Millie slipped on the grass and fell down.

The neighbor heard her cry for help and called for an ambulance.

Grandma Millie was in the hospital for a few days and all her friends went to visit her and gave her balloons and presents. That made Grandma Millie very happy.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


16 thoughts on “GRANDMA MILLIE

  1. Lovely Jessie, Grandma Millie was well loved in the end, all those cards, balloons and presents must have been uplifting for her. Thanks so much for contributing to the Tale Weaver this week.


  2. Very cute story. I guess they have something new to talk about now and Grandma loves all her visitors. Happy she was okay, a fall can be very bad depending how old or frail she was.


  3. When my grandson was younger…and the other grandmother was in the hospital for a bit…the parents referred to the hospital as ‘The Doctor’s House’. You piece reminded me of that. And of a time when I could not see my own grandmother in her last days, because the hospital was so fearful of ‘outside’ germs…rather than allowing the comfort that a visit from family could bring.

    I’m not sure why WP doesn’t allow to switch the icon to the blog but only if you are interested my fiction piece for this prompt is here: The Unromantic Harlequin


    • That’s terrible! I think they should have made exceptions (they could of had a special room just for cases like that) when it’s family. I can remember when they did that…my younger two children were not allowed in the hospital one time when I was in there many years ago, I wasn’t dying, but that would not have made any difference .

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