Tattoo Man

Austin and Landon were in Elmer’s Market when a tall man with tattoos all over his arms walked in, said something to the cashier and took a bag from her while Landon stood staring at him.

An alarm went off and the man showed a gun while telling everyone to back away from the door.

Everyone did as told, but Landon continued to stand there and stare at the man when sirens could be heard from a distance and the man grabbed Landon, took him outside, shoved him in a car and drove off with him.

Austin was in a panic for fear of Landon’s life and knew Landon would be traumatized especially since he was only five years old.

The police officers were in pursuit of the vehicle when it ran off the road and smashed into a large section of shrubbery in someone’s yard.

The vehicle stopped , the police officers ran to it and found the driver unconscious and Landon curled up on the floor of the back seat, unharmed.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “TATTOO MAN

  1. Poor Landon. Although, he seemed to be okay with everything. Probably not really aware of how much danger he was in. Great storybJessie..


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