SIX SENTENCE STORIES      Thursday, June 23, 2016   Cue…Order



The room was so packed there were people standing in the back.

I tried to stay calm, but the tension was so built up inside of me, I thought I would burst.

After days and days of being hammered with questions, sleepless nights, and consuming very little food, my body felt like a zombie.

The noise in the room was unbearable and people kept staring at me and I wondered what was going through their mind.

I felt sick to my stomach and shook all over just thinking about how one’s life could dramatically  change with a mistaken identity.

Then, things started to unfold when the judge called the court to order and the verdict of innocence was given at which time I passed out.

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “TENSION

  1. (in my work I’ve had to spend time in courtrooms on occasion) it’s an incredibly dramatic place, even with the mundane civil matters that were the issue on the days I’d be in attendance. There is so much potential for lives to be altered on a single word or phrase. Not a fun place.


  2. Definitely sounds like a trying situation. Can’t blame her for passing out a the innocent verdict. Great write Jessie.


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